Need help for my practice exam for my driving license

I nearly got my driving license before Corona. I Already got the date for my driving exam. Then came Corona and stirred all in mud…
In Germany we can start with the exams.
I didn’t drive for 3 month and they changed the testing road. It’s literally Hardcore right now 90% of all those who take the exam there didn’t succeed . I don’t know the streets and it’s pure chaos.
I’m Complete desperate if I can succeed Tuesday.
Has someone suggestions on spirits or something else I can use to better up my chances? I got experience with the 50 Names of Mark and slightly but without results with the Goetia.
If I don’t succeed I won’t have the money again to take a 2nd try… :frowning:

One of the 7 Gods of Luck could be useful I believe or all 7.

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Okay. Do you have advice on how to work with those? Those are from Japan Google says?

Yes they are Shinto Gods, you can reach them through petition spells

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I’ll try that!