Need help finding an item

I am absolutely heartbroken. Hubs got me this beautiful 7 metals amulet, and today the stone fell out.

I’m a mess. It’s somewhere on my property. Likely lost it during nap but can’t find it anywhere in or near bed. Anyone really good at finding things willing to help? Pretty please and thank you.


Scratch that. Hubs is the most amazing magician in the world. @AdamThoth found one of the pieces from a different state. He said it would be under the table. I have a few but the only one I’ve been near is the one near my bed where I keep laptop. Looked but couldnt find it…until i tried looking there again and shook out my sweater that i had recently taken off and tossed under it… guess what fell out of the sleeve?

The other piece should be close by. I just have to watch out for it. I’m always amazed by this man :heart:

I can stop sobbing now lol.