Need help figuring out what this symbol/sigil means

Okay, so a friend of mine recently bought this necklace from an antique store. There is this symbol/ sigil on the back, and she asked me if i Knew what what it meant, but I can’t find it anywhere. It might not even be a symbol, and could be something else entirely. Anyone have any clue??!

apparently we are having some troubles seeing the pic?? idk if you can see it now???


Go back and attach the image properly haha

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i drew it out to see better (not the best tracing)

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Alas I do not know. But someone here probably does. We have a lot of smarty-pantses on BALG.


I’m not an expert and kind of new to this but I’m getting a lot female and fertility energy.


My first assumption would be that it is a simple good luck charm. However, it could mean a variety of things.

My first initial thought was that it was a personal symbol for a personal use, such as good luck or protection.

However, if you’re going to keep that piece of jewelry, I highly recommend that you cleanse and consecrate it before you start wearing it around, as even if it is a good luck amulet that was personally made by a witch, it could be Enchanted in such a way that it could harm anybody else that wears it.

Which is the reason why if you take a grimoire away from the sorcerer or sorceress, and you try to use it without their permission, I hope you have a good relationship with whatever beings it is you work with, because you’ll probably be meeting them pretty soon.


The symbol that looks like a fish in the middle represents the vaguna, the two dots the ovaries, the top the Bush and the bottom the juice. (Sorry if that sounds unPC) that is what I see.

2 Likes here is the link to the basic symbol in it.

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Yes the spirts im familiar whit them.

In better light is it similar to this? If so. I don’t know what it means but apparently it might be Arabic. A similar item is being sold on Ebay by a seller known as salesusa under the title “Vintage costume large red garnet rhinestone gold tone watch fob Arabic text” You can search it up. I hope this can maybe point you in the right direction.

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