Need help designing a misfortune curse

Hello everyone! :slight_smile:

I’m fairly new and was wondering if I can get some input on a curse I’m planning. I plan on doing a lot of specific things so I was planning on doing a layered curse with multiple spirits on this pos that I used to be close friends with/worked with. I picked out some dates for next year because I want to give myself plenty of time to prepare for it and make sure I do it correctly. I don’t want to rush it and have it backfire. I know what I want done but just not sure of how to go about it. This man is extremely manipulative and hurtful. I don’t want to do a death curse, just extreme misfortune in all areas of his life. I’ll try to make this backstory as short as possible to add some context as to what kind of curses I’m looking to perform. If you don’t want to hear the tea just skip to the bottom. :slight_smile:

I was really close with this manager at my job. He seemed to really be drawn to all the baristas and I didn’t realize why until later when he started showing me his narcissistic traits. I got close to him because he convinced me that we were close friends and that he cared about me. That’s when he started toying with me. After I confronted him about his behavior he apologized but only got worse. At one point he tried to use me to do art for him and also manipulated me into working a 10 hour shift because he wanted to take a nap. He actually gave me an evil smirk when he told me he successfully tricked me into working. He was very flirty behind closed doors not only towards me but to other baristas as well. He sent one barista inappropriate texts making them uncomfortable. This barista already had trauma from a creep previously and I was so angry because it started to scream predatory behavior to me. He abused his status by becoming the “cool manager” to get close to all the girls most of which were a lot younger. The man was a creep who constantly used people for attention and self validation. He used our workplace as a dating simulator after his gf of 7 years left him for another guy.

After he realized that I was starting to see who he was, he started isolating me from everyone else by interacting with everyone but me. He had all of us fooled for a long time because we all cared a lot about him. He ended up getting rich off of an investment he made at his dad’s company so he took the remainder of his vacation time to secretly move to another city and only told a few people. Our boss found out and was very upset that he was so dishonest about it. When he came back from his “vacation” he put in his two weeks and spent the day breaking the news to everyone including me (I already knew from other people). He made everyone feel like shit about their own lives because he was constantly bragging about his new 8 bedroom house, how he never has to work again, and how he’s going to hire a private chef so nobody poisons him. His dad’s company has deep fryers and apparently he makes money for every restaurant that opens up with one. He has connections with people that he plans to use to make laws that require restaurants to only have their company’s products in order to make more money. Not sure how true or likely that really is and I don’t want to get into politics here but the point is I feel like I should do something about it. I cannot allow him to affect anymore people, especially not on that kind of scale.

So here’s what I’ve considered doing so far and because I’m so inexperienced I’d love to hear your thoughts on what would be best. Friday May 5th, 2023 is supposed to be a Full Moon Penumbral Lunar Eclipse. It’s supposed to be a time to have the courage. On this date, I was considering causing his friendships to fall and to make him go through the same deceit he put others through. Friday May 19, 2023 is a Black Moon and on this day I considered invoking Lilith to either attack astrally or give him some horrible nightmares. I plan on going after his recent marriage as well and giving ol’ boi a case of limp dick since he wants to be a creep. On these two Fridays I’ll probably do these curses during Mars hours. Fast forward to October is where I plan on doing some real damage. Saturday October 14, 2023 is a New Moon Annular Solar Eclipse which is supposed to be a time to stand up to those in power and on this day I plan on getting Aim and Bune to take his estate and fortune away since he wants to treat the poor like shit now. Saturday October 28th, 2023 is a Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse which is supposed to be a time to fight against the wicked. I think this would be a good day for Andromalius and Belial to punish him and see to it that things don’t go well for their company. I’ll probably do these curses during Saturn Hour for extra oomph.

I’m sorry to hear you went through that. Some people are just so screwed in the head and cannot be honest with themselves. I mean, what kind of bitch would abuse his authority in order to make a woman he cares about work his 10 hour shift while he takes a good long nap, shouldn’t even be a reason, even if he’s too tired to work his shift and manipulated you into doing it, well holy shit, honestly that’s just wow. Well, I’m not really familiar with curses but I do attack when needed. I’m not sure if it’s considered a curse. More like, some hard punches. I feel like going on a rant now, but I will do it inside my head. I think it’s crazy how some YouTubers go on crazy rants, and they literally have to pretend a scenario. Lol

Which ever curse you decide to put on him, I’d recommend using a radionics box in combination for lasting damage. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also please be careful when cursing. There is an ‘Area Of Affect’ kind of damage that could affect people that your friends… but if your really good, then you can focus on a specific target without hurting other people around him that are in the same vicinity.

The attack will usually take the path of least resistance. Which could mean if he has anger problems, well then he might end up in a fight a get hurt. Or if he’s a gambling addict, then he’ll lose a lot of money… ect…


Wow! I’ve never heard of radionics before. I’m going to do some research on it. Thank you so much for your kindness and input. :slight_smile: I will definitely be careful with the curse. I will plan it out as carefully as I can.

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Thank you so much! I’m so excited to try this out :slight_smile:

I’m planning on somehow incorporating tarot cards into my rituals as well. I was thinking that King of Pentacles, Reverse Wheel of Fortune, and Five of Pentacles would be great for the financial misfortune aspect.

Wow, that’s a very petty man.

Unfortunately, narcissism is promoted by all popular media. Narcissistic Personality Disorder is supposedly one of the only ones that’s “catchy” for adults.

It’s all quite interesting, and all quite horrible.

You’ll probably run into many people like this in life, unfortunately.

From an angelic perspective, I can recommend the more militant angels such as Tehyahgrah. The few times I’ve called them, they’ve come through as expected — and since they’re angels, there’s no fallback or fallout for you.

You also know exactly what to pay angels. With your thanks. Your gratitude. It’s the only “feeding” they need, as far as I know.

They often take a few weeks, or even more than a month, but the results are :flushed::exploding_head:

From Angels of Wrath, at the very least, I’d recommend “Cause Spiritual Blindness” to make him lose his sense of self and “reboot” hopefully into a better person.

That’s probably one of the nicest things in there. You’re doing them and everyone around them a favor with this one.

“Wound with Fury” to make them meek, and crumble with regret

“Destroy with Wrath” actually makes them know they are being attacked. They feel cursed. So this can make them think really hard about what they’ve done to people

“Force Exile” to make him leave. The problem is, he just goes somewhere else, becomes someone else’s problem

“Diminish Wealth” This seems good for this guy. Make him less cocky and sure.

“Destroy Defenses” He’ll have more accidents and be more open to everything else you send his way — even negative thoughts


Thank you so much for sharing! These ideas sound great! I’ve never worked with angels before. :slight_smile: I’ll do some research on them.

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You’re welcome.

You know, if you like really strong entities… there’s another book that covers these angels called The Angels of the 7 Heavens by Ars Aurora.

I’ve only done the more positive rituals from his book, though, so can’t comment on the punishment type ones. Some of the positive rituals were also a mind blow.

Ars is incredibly cool, though. He’s one of the few magick authors you can easily reach by email. Ars also uses some demons, such as Azazel, so you may feel comfortable more comfortable with his style.

Actually, come to think of it, the author of Angels of Wrath also works with demons. Gordon Winterfield. It’s just that they find the militant angels particularly potent, I guess!


I’m pretty new to magick I’m pretty much open to anything. I will definitely check out these titles. :slight_smile: I work at Barnes and Noble so I might be able to order them at least for myself. I’ve been trying to work on improving our occult section by including more magical paths. Right now it’s 90% Wicca. I want to change that but a lot of books are hard for us to get so we will see. :slight_smile:

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Ah how lucky!

Yeah, conversely I haven’t really called demons yet… except I think Azazel once or twice by accident. Lol. He was included in a ritual, and I think I confused him with was Raziel / Arzel.

Not too shabby a demon, mind you. I can see why so many people here on BALG view Azazel as a buddy.

Demons of Wrath is probably much cheaper on Kindle than the physical copy. If you don’t mind ebooks, that’s a good way to go. It’s thrifty and it’s always on you.

Seems like Ars’ book I recommended is now out of print, unfortunately. But do pick up SOMETHING from him (or maybe you can get it through B&N). Out of the modern “simplified magick” authors, he’s quite impressive.

He also has a deep kindness to him I appreciate. I could tell when reading his book about healing waters. He really encourages you to treat all entities as you would any good friend. To even offer the mightiest entities love and healing. That’s admirable.

Ah, how funny. That’s how it was where I grew up, too! Or they’d have witch books with almost photocopies of just weird old grimoires. Now that I look back, it was quite confusing.

I would think a standard for bookstores would be “Modern Magick” by Donald Michael Kraig. That’s really one of the only books I’ve ever found in mainstream bookshops that seemed credible at all.

A lot of the modern magick books that are really good are either from small, independent publishers, or are print on demand from Amazon CreateSpace. Not sure if either really connect with B&N, sadly.

But certainly — do what you can to increase what they carry! You might create some good karma by helping strangers.

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Hey, I just ran into this thread while surfing around the forum (I’m like a learning addict lol)… and thought of you. It’s intense… you might like it!


Wow! I’m going to try this out. Andromalius is actually the first demon I discovered through my art. I’ve been trying to get good at meditation so I can speak with him. I bet this chant will help me break down my enemy’s will as well! I think it would pair nicely with this sympathetic Magick tutorial I saw from The Tomb of the Scarab on YouTube. Thank you:)

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