Need help confused

I went through soul travel ebook has when you purchase the soul travel course and he wrote there 24 planes of existence and he this in his soul travel slide show but I just watching a YouTube video of his and he said in this video there 12 planes of reality or existence and do all these planes of existence exist in the multiverse and if so what plane is the multiverse on.

I’m so confused can you guys clear this up for me.

Not sure about your specific context but to my understanding … .we are in the multiverse a universe comprised of unlimited other universes varying from 1 difference all the way to infinite differences for example.

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According to String Theory there are 11 dimensions. Some say 10 or 12.
In Bosonic String Theory there are 26.


Some who created or work with String theory are no doubt secretly into Kabbalah. It’s not simply a theory of mine, but an observation that the people who design the infrastructure of society tend to overlap it with occult magick. For example political events having associations to occult symbolism.

In politics I think it is no accident.
In physics I find that the science is just explaining magick, not because the physicists have any correlation with magickal theory. In this case it is simply because magick and science are fundamental. My 2 loves.

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