(Need help) can someone give me mental clarity?

Hi guys

I have made a post some months back where I said I was trapt in a tunnel vision/cloudy state of mind

I tryed to take salt baths and apple cider vinegar baths but did’nt got much out of it

I feel like bradley cooper in the beginning of the movie “limitless”

I want this moment where his mind and brain just gets clear and starts to understand and remember things

Being unable to do this myself (beginner in magic) I want to ask for help now if anyone could do a ritual for me help out in getting mental clearity?

If you need a photo of me as a link to send energy just pm me (please dont curse me :wink:

Also I will ofcause give back to you guys a favor so far my power goes

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Offer him some honey. Then stare at his sigil while chanting his name. Ask him what you want :slight_smile: