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I’m new to the forum and to magic in general. I came here to learn how to better myself but I just had something come up and I need the help of a season person.

My wife and I were recovering from an affair she had and I was lead to believe that they were done. Well I found out that she is with him right now and I want them to both pay. I’m just a beginner so I don’t think anything I could do would be strong enough so I’m asking for help.


You had to divorce the first time when she did that. It is still not late but there is better solution. Behave like you did not see and know nothing. Just start to adding death water in her dishes and drinks. I will explain it how to prepare it later in this topic.
So. Dead water is usually the water with
dead man is washed from the family. This water have very high concentration of dead energy. It is very hard to get water like this but there is a way to prepare something similar. You need just a bottle with tap water or better is spring water which you get from the spring by yourself not buy it and a jar. You need to go to a graveyard and flood a cross from a grave with the water from the bottle and collect part of it in the jar. Be careful to not touch the water by yourself. After that you can add this water in her drinks and dishes. You can chant incantantion on water but it is not mandatory. It is good if the grave is active.
Edit2: Yeah. Just become the perfect husband and start to bring her coffee with dead water in the bed every morning.



Feeding someone death energy could leave permanent damage. Not saying OP shouldn’t (that’s up to them) but just wanted them to be aware, it’s serious stuff.

Is it unclear?
Edit: Keep in mind English is not my native.

Yes, do you mean to run the water over a cross found in a graveyard such that it drips and you catch it in a bottle?

Slava Bogum

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Exactly but the cross must be not normal cross. I mean cross like this:
The grave monument. This is the reason
for the jar. You need to collect the water easy and to not touch the monument at all.
Слава Богум. :slight_smile: This is your last sentence in original cirilic script.


I see I understand now, it would probably be difficult and there would be a lot of spillage, but I understand now. Glad we could fill it up.

It’s good to see someone who knows Cyrillic, unfortunately named after St. Cyril who suppressed the original Pagan religion of the Slavs. Though, without his invention and involvement, we would know nothing about historic Slavic paganism. It’s funny how that’s the case.

Slava Bogum.

Yeah. It there are no monuments with cross probably a standard monument plate can be used for the same purpose. If the grave is active this practice is 100% working.
Oftopic: You are right. I want to make a point here. St Cyril invented Glagolitic alphabet but the modern cirylic was invented and standardised in first Bulgarian empire. :slight_smile:


What you should do is focus on yourself by raising your vibration via meditation, divination evocation etc. You can also start by getting a reading and go from there. once you start self deifying you will start changing your world and no longer have problems such as betrayal from


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Just adding to this statement. There is a rite of diefication done by j.s Garrett I believe in one of the anthology of sorcery books. Pretty heavy stuff I did it for @Anziel_Merkaba last year and he did it for me. If you’d like to go this way and become more powerful. The ritual section of the BALG main page has it.