Need help/advice on dude obsessed with me

If I am posting this on the wrong catagorie.
So making a long story short I have a guy way older than I am. I do not want anything to do with me. I wanted to know if there are any good binding spells or like some way I can make him stop obsessing over me. Like I just was trying to be nice and have a conversation with him. Never said anything flirty. I am a bi sexual woman but I’m more into women. Like dude is calling me several times a day. I was out at the beach yesterday came home and passed out. My phone was blown up with missed calls. When I woke up completely I called back to be like wtf? And he got mad I didn’t answer him all day like what. I just want him to leave me alone and be out of my life. I read about the freeze spell but I don’t know his last name. Would that be a problem? Also open to any suggestions. I am goin through enough in my life as is. I don’t need to deal with this. I’ll keep searching the search ba in the mean time.
Thank you guys so much for reading :skull_and_crossbones:


Depending how far you want to go put his name and you have his number in a jar with graveyard dirt. :wink:


Magick won’t be enough, a guy like that needs the police knocking at his door, asap!!! I mean it. :imp: Someone harasses you like that should be reported and I don’t care how you feel about it. I’m a gal too and I would not deal with that at all. Block his number and proceed to file a report now.


I’d tell him you’re not interested and to fuck off. Sometimes the simplest ways are the most effective.


No, you don’t need his last name for that freeze spell, knowing his first name and what he looks like is more then enough, the important thing with it is visualize him literally being frozen in place by ice, starting with his feet all the way to the top of his head, if you want to take it a step further you can visualize a wall of ice between you and him and it begins pushing him further and further away from you, also you can add something like the runes Isa and Ihwaz to make it more aggressive. and of course once in the plastic jar or bottle is in the freezer forget about it and him and it will do the job very effectively.


At the very least use caution, and don’t hesitate to follow the course of action above if things escalate. He could just be a creep, but this is also how stalking starts in many cases.

Magickally, the freezer spell is good. Ward your house, too. A Rose Cross rite is also a good way to relieve yourself of unwanted attention.

In terms of protective measures via physical application of psychology, can you fix a mirror to the outside of your home’s door at eye level? A definite change occurs when someone sees their own reflection; they tend to become more conscientious and self controlled. It can tip a situation. I keep one over my work space; it makes it easier to manage people that come pester me when I am busy; calms then down.

If carry/conceal of a firearm is an option where you are, that is a great thing to consider, too.


Thank you for this advice! I did my best to do that and I haven’t heard from him today. Which is crazy because my phone is normally getting blown up. I really appreciate you


Tell em to fuck off AND use the graveyard dirt!

So if I were to do this just to take some extra caution, what would I do with the jar after I put all the stuff inside?

Thankfully I haven’t heard from him since I posted this and did the freeze spell. After I get the graveyard dirt and jar where do I go from there ?

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Agreed, please inform the Police to and collect evidence @TheyAllFloat

Bury it off your property. If you want some extra oomph put a few coffin nails inside the jar too. Dress a black candle in DUME oil and burn it in top of it also