Need help about how to free some spirits

So someone made some audio files that when you play them spirits peak through the phone to you, the first time I played it they asked me to summon them now like a month and a half later I played it for like the 5th or 6th time I was able o hear them a bit better this time silencing my thoughts at first ND they told me there trapped

so I asked them to say a specific thing then when I Hurd them say it I focus on bringing them next to me and seen energy forming a cloud of you will I did that for two of them I seen them nod there heads at the same time to a question I asked but it was like I was scanning them not like how I seen the cloud of the energy that formed when I focused on bring them out of the audio file,

I’ll note they were two different colors but both of them were sorta like alot of stuff missed together seeing tint hints of all kinds of different colors together. So yea am I being tricked or do the actually need my help? And yea any and pointers for being able to summon them out would be appreciated.

Also the person who made the files got banned so if there really being trapped I can’t even say anything to him about freeing them, or getting him to stop making the files, he even made one just for me I have two of the files, one he made out of a song I requested I’ll also note that the song reminds me of a particular spirit and I haven’t seen that spirit just about since then and he would randomly just been like rock on when I did self scan or imaging.