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Sometimes I read something like “You can’t sell your soul…no one needs your soul gtfo etc…” However it’s known that damned souls aren’t free where they are, and most of you know that they suffer a lot ‘if you can hear them’. So if their souls belongs to them why aren’t they free? Why are they tormented? ////////////
There are many celebrities and normal people in the Left hand path, but the difference is that celebrities find success worshiping “the devil” or Satan, they’re extremely successful compared to many black magicians who are willing to do terrible incantations, invocations and astral works but still can’t find success.( the concept of success is very subjective but all type of success are applicable ). Is this explainable??

Another thing is that, many celebrities like to show pictures of jesus, they can even wear the Christian cross, in sum you have the impression that they’re Christian who want to influence others to join the religion, something easily noticeably in music videos (The weeknd for instance) But you always discover that actually they’re Satanist, working for Satan or Lucifer’s agenda. If Satan don’t like Jesus why would he wants to promote the Christ, the cross, religions throughout videos?

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This is a broad inquiry. The soul debate has been argued over thoroghly in many other threads. As far as the Christian jewelry and shootouts to Jesus goes, the reasonings are as varied as the motives of people coming to this site. Some of the possibilities are as follows:

  1. Its a show
  2. ignorance as to what Christianity is or stands for, probably never read the bible.
  3. making Christian family feel better about the rumors of their “selling their souls for fame” (which is more a metaphor for having done bad shit which has created blackmail or character assassination possible if they fall from favor with the establishment)
  4. its a misdirection to draw people of varied backgrounds into their fan group to.make more money.

I can make it simple for you…

Lost souls are simply the unawakened.

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Quite simply you can sell your soul though the process is far different than most people think and relies on principles of vibration and resonance. I suggest reading Franz Bardon’s books as he offers a good explanation of the phenomena and how it comes about and what it means for the ones trapped in such deals and associations. The first two of his books are the most pertinent, Initiation into Hermetics and The Practice of Magical Evocation.