Need counselling? Whisper your bad emotions, smash the glass

  • Grab a glass or jar, whisper all your emotions and obstacles that are getting in the way personally. Put your lips close to the brim of the edge and whisper, no need to yell. Once you are done, smash the glass (and please dispose of it safely).

  • This is a way I use to cope when I need to vent emotions but don’t have the incitement of interacting with people, or otherworldly. I find this therapeutic form of magick is somewhat ideal of banishing the emotion you want trapped in there (anxiety, anger, sadness) and to smash it means it’s been expelled.

  • I’ve been doing this on and off for a couple of years now. I remember when I was caught up doing bad shit I would whisper into the glass to withhold my capacity of empathy. To no avail, this powerful placebo-spiritual outlet has been crucial in workings to which I can help expel what I don’t need to be feeling at that time.


Will definitely try this! How long does it take for you to feel better after smashing the glass/jar?

Oh I need to try this too. Thank you so much!!

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Actually, this reminds me of a practice my dad and I would do in the garage when angry or having writer’s block. Take a box of coffee cups, lay down some thick plastic sheeting for easy clean up, and go to town until exhausted or we run out of Cups. Needless to say we went through a lot of coffee cups in that house


This sorta is like an Egyptian practice where they paint their rage onto a pot and then smash it. I believe it was a means of cursing the one the rage is directed at, but in this case relieving bad emotions.


This could be a low-key curse/hex, too. Instead of burning the sigil, we’re smashing the glass…

Thanks for posting it.

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Thank you for the life hack! Much cheaper than counseling and I am sure the outcome is good too!