Need advice

So, my job is trying to cut peoples hours (which is literally shooting themselves in the foot.) They refuse to lower their prices which is making customers mad. And dropping hours on employees (who are also customers) so they’re going to have less workers and less customers over time.

But my dilemma is that I cannot afford to lose hours and no jobs are currently hiring. I have the least seniority in my section so I got my hours dropped but the one who have the most seniority has full time now. Even though he didnt previously anyway.

So the issue with that also is the coworker with the most seniority is of retirement age, getting extremely dangerously forgetful, has hearing problems and bells paulsy (I think that’s how its spelt) and other problems. He’s almost died on the way in to work because he loses eyesight. It’s a bad situation and he’s a really nice guy and I dont want him getting hurt. But I know he also wont quit.

Originally I was hired to be night shift because the new HR didnt even know that they had someone on night shift.

So would it be bad of me to try and manipulate him to quit/retire? (Magically/spiritually speaking) We literally sit alone in a metal box that locks from the inside all day. He has hospital visits once a week. If he has a heart attack or anything fatal in here nobody can get him or may even know until morning.

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The problem is, if you’re wanting help in getting him to retire early, that could manifest as a worsening of his medical issues…


Just ask to have him moved on to something better. You could call upon a wealth entity and ask to give him a windfall so he leaves as an option.

In the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield, there is a ritual called Forced Exile, where you simply ask to have someone removed from your life, and the angels decide the best course of action, which could be anything from ending his life to making him a lottery winner.

It all depends on your intention. If you don’t wish him any harm, but simply think it best he leave, you can ask whatever being you work with to do so.


I can understand that. Problem is he’s practically on a death bed as is and coming in to work is a risk to his health. One time he almost hit into a pole so he called off and turned to drive home and then almost hit a car. It’s both something for self gain but I always worry about him constantly. It’s been especially bad lately. His whole eye was swollen over 3 days ago.

I agree with @DarkestKnight that such a thing would be the best course of action. The Angel’s would know that his family needs him so maybe they’ll make a windfall happen by making his rich brother have a heart and share some money with him. Or something. Anything would be better for his health than driving alone to work and sitting in a hot stuffy cubicle shaped hut for 40 hours a week.

It all depends on your area indeed is pretty great but if no one is hiring try using an entity to help you in getting money. I literally have just started the occult journey I have had my first encounter with a demon. Trying to figure out who, I gave a mantra of the things I want in meditation. He showed up but we didn’t talk. I said I was looking for guidance blah blah blah.

Anyway I have been laid off I am in school so my hours are limited. I did truck driving and warehouse and hate it but as a truck driver even local your day never ends. Warehouse jobs wages plummeted to the point where I can’t take that pay cut. So I am doing Uber which I have for two years but not on the side now. My bank account is negative and I am falling behind in bills. However after interacting with this entity I am finding dollars on the ground and quarters (not much but helps). Then my wife told me today her job may be giving a 2k bonus. It sounds like you will feel guilty if something happened to the guy which is not a bad thing means you’re not a sociopath you have empathy.

The poor guy probably wants to quit but like many seniors can’t retire. I think your best bet would be trying to use an entity to give you your own career and wealth. Being brand new to this I am probably not qualified to say, but it seems left path isn’t all about placing curses and summoning the apocalypse like stereotypes present. I made contact and it seems to be the left path I will be exploring. My intention is not to do any bad really I actually want to be a better person. If I was to ever place a curse the recipient would definitely deserve it. They’re not to be taken lightly from what I have gathered.

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The problem I’m having with all of this is that this is literally my perfect job. I’m alone and when it’s slow its peaceful. We’re allowed to use our phones when it isnt busy, so I am able to work on side projects (but it’s taking a while to get pay from those.) Every other job in my town is either a factory job that works you to death (I have sciatica so my leg hurts horribly after factory work) or it pays way too little. That’s why I’m trying to figure out how to make more hours in this job.

Yeah I hear you it is shitty out there, I am at the same point. Got an interview tomorrow for a factory job but it is a fixed shift with good pay. Some factory positions if you have CNC experience or can find it may allow you to sit. Yes many warehouse and factory jobs work you to death and for nothing.

A couple ideas unemployment takes a while but definitely file. Don’t listen to some people who bitch about hand outs. You payed taxes therefore you payed into those services it is not a hand out. If we are going to pay taxes and give most of our lives to work if we get hurt or laid off Uncle Sam should be able to help us a little bit so we can return to the workforce. Usually you don’t see it until you find a job but it can help with catching up on bills.

I am in school for computer science and trying to use what I am learning to be more self reliant as far as streams of income. As you know you can work for a company twenty years then you’re laid off or you get hurt and your job is gone. Google has a free google analytics certification if you are ok working with computers you can take the course. This allows you to get SEO (search engine optimization) jobs although it is competitive it is exploding. It is just a matter of finding a portal to clients. A good amount of this can be done remotely. Which you can’t beat that gas and commuting takes a good price of income say you spend forty in gas a week. That’s is 1,920 a year may not seem too crazy but that is like eliminating a utility bill.

I am broke as hell but if you happen to have like I think twenty bucks or something you can open a drop shipping site. If you take the google course it will augment the drop shipping site. I hear once you find a niche in drop shipping it becomes a good passive income. I even have a site designed for drop shipping ready to go. Just don’t have any spare dollars at this moment.

I am not sure where you live but if you at least live close to a city and have a car that can open opportunity. Besides lyft and Uber there is amazon flex, and a lot of logistics companies that use independent contractors. Just track miles and gas for taxes as 1099 you have to file manually. Also anything like car repairs, a phone stand, etc all deductibles. There’s a whole world of those gigs.

If you don’t mind me asking what are your side projects I have some myself if I happen to see anything up your alley I can let you know?

Seek your entity and guide I know it is hard when the cards are stacked against you. I have had thoughts of playing dirty to try and get ahead since that seems to be the only way a lot of times. Hell I have a history of substance abuse I would be lying if said I didn’t think about reverting to those ways of making money. However I feel if I am going to play dirty it will most likely be to defend someone trying to fuck with me or my family, strictly survival.

I have horrible depression and anxiety but this is where our method helps. Even if not instant it is not all on our shoulders I know for me feeling I have something on the other side or even knowing something is working in my favor makes it so I don’t stay awake panicking spending every waking moment feeling like I am failing. It clouds your judgment to say the least lol. You’re in my thoughts my friend.

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I’ve never looked up drop shipping (I don’t even know what it is. I’ll look it up after I post.)

My side projects are trying to finish up some books (I always get stuck on how to end them), trying to set up a blog, thinking about youtube ( it that’s going downhill fast even for the higher ups) and trying to figure out something to do for fiverr. It’s all taking a while mostly because family and time gets in my way. And some things require only computer work and cant be done on a phone.