Need Advice. Should I continue? plus some results to share

Hi everyone, glad to be here finally with some experience and results for all of you.
Now, as we ALL know (new people and experienced ones I assume) the magickal path is a difficult one, specially in the beginning when one is all lost, confused, putting all energies to spells, and the most important one and difficult, TIME, patience.

I used the law of attraction (which has worked for me many times, no tools) to attract a NEW man but since I was already caught up in all that magick world, spells, (on someone else that seem not to work) I couldn’t get out and when I asked for this man I mentally desired for us to have our own life and funny enough for him to date other women since I wanted to test spells and if everything was good and dandy well what’s there to test!
difficult situations are where we learn more.

But oh boy, does the Universe bring you what you ask!
I met this person 2-3 months later and we hit it off immediately, he took me out of the depression from my ex and I was totally in love with this one, yet, we fought, argued, and of course, we were not in a relationship and he was seeing other people it seems between our breakups.
So here I go again, with candle spells to test things.

My candles would turn black and I was a complete novice, I would light one and that’s it,
usually putting all intention in just one candle.
He would come back after a month, it was like that for months, since we would argue again.

Either way, 6 months and he would not forget me, he would come back again.
Then he met someone else and I was so hurt I ended everything and he had also moved to another city.

Through my Tarot readings I always saw that he was in pain, not letting go of me and still single, dating but nothing would come out.

This is a difficult case! due to time, which also means MAGICK does WORK
then I started reading and learning more about Hoodoo and Candle Magick and realized I had also been doing things wrong. So there I go again to TEST things again.

A WHOLE YEAR that I have not seen him in person (yet he reached out to me all up to March and Tarot showed he had not forgotten about me all up to October still devastated) but see, a whole damn year without us seeing each other with tiny communication over text.

Difficult case, huh? well, since I was already in this world of Hoodoo and Magick and most are asking “is it real?” " does it work?" … I said to myself, well now with my new knowledge let me test things again.

So now instead of one candle for everything, I did many candles to attack the situation through different areas, now using natural herbs for added energy, now meditating and instead of emotionally chaotically just talking to the candles and petitions I would calmly visualize until I felt I reached “aether” and the sub-conscious.

I did a blockbuster, one “come to me” candle that would not light for the life of me, thought it was the candle, did a second one, same thing. Amazing how fire does tell you!
I did tarot readings to see the problems, there was another woman! nothing serious it showed
but then added a “break up” candle… to my surprised, she blocked him 3 weeks from when that candle started! … then I did “think of me” and that one was good, after the “think of me” then
the “come to me” started taking force.

Then PUM!

On Valentine’s day, this man whom I have not seen in a whole year, who hates me for things I said (a lot of resentment) and even has me blocked, started creating all these fake profiles on FB to access mine! and then sent me a love note. He was clearly desperate and drunk, sent one at 3am the night before Valentines, during valentine’s day and again at 2am that night with more fake profiles.
How I know it was him, these are the same profiles that sent me friends requests weeks after we fought months back. Those profiles are also currently removed by FB with “unavailable until we verify users information” …fb now removed them.

So, if you are a guy, well, what do you think? I think that after a whole year for a man to do that I am definitely on his mind, and he was clearly now with another woman. He misses me
and thinks of me.

The PROBLEM…geeesh!
If I had done things how I did them now months back things would be different, I would have removed the obstacles and resentment and we would all be together and happy because love was there.
I am DRAINED… I am at a crossroads due to feeling so tired now.
A whole year hoping, wanting, doing, and now finally I see major results, because this was truly shocking, this behavior specially after a year.
Even “professionals” I’ve seen on Youtube say that they pick clients and that if it’s been over 6 months without communication it’s over and too difficult.
Well, I was able to get a guy to go mad and obsessed after a whole year.

He did this, BUT has not texted me, or communicated directly with me.
Tarot shows he is still holding off, still has resentment but not over me yet.

Should I continue??? what is your experience!
I know that many of you have been through similar situations where you are just drained, spent money on stuff and tools (candles, etc) put so much into each, then waiting and waiting for even months,
now things start to move, also considering that I was a total novice then and now, not an expert but doing things differently that are working… but
his stubbornness kills me, hurts me and just almost let’s me feel I should leave all this altogether and go back to my material reality.

What STRONG spells do you recommend for a stubborn target? his emotions and passions are there.
Not getting through to his head and actions.
Maybe is a matter of time.

I am still a novice as I said, my spells might still not be what they should be.
I thought about contacting a spirit Pomba Gira Maria Padhilha, but I am afraid.

ANY advice is HIGHLY appreciated for all those that have been through the path and experiences for years. Thank you so much and I send you much love and energy to your endeavors. :sun_with_face:



Similar situation here. I did some work on the guy, he came back twice, but i was drained from crossroads. So, i took an important decision, my feelings for him will be used in a positive way, he is a friend, but i will not consume love on someone who cannot commit 110%.

I also worked with Pomba Gira, amazing energy, but she works with 3,6. I learned a great deal about becoming less selfish when it comes to love. My heart and mind are open, but I feel that poly is not my path. She is wise and beautiful, but dark, yet like a deep fire. Do not fear her, if this is the road you want to take, but be aware of how she likes things. You can control a man with sexual energy, but what a man holds in his heart is not to be toyed with, only tamed for a while, and when it bursts out…oh, boy! It will be you who feels empty.

The man is deeply connected to me, we talk every day, he is there to offer advice and emotional support. I’ll harvest that with no remorse and keep on going. I still have his pubic hair in a zipper bag, however, i feel that i have outgrown the sexual need to have him.

Be careful what you wish for, love spells are often tricky. Intention is cast, spell works, but human nature and many other circumstances, that we don’t imagine when casting, influence a great deal the outcome.


Thank you Ophelia, can you go more into detail on the great Pomba Gira?
You said “amazing energy, but she works with 3,6” …what are those numbers?


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She is not to be played with at all. I have worked with her. She is very powerful. Please make sure you really really really want the person. The more you work with her the stronger she becomes. The bond created can be unbreakable, but that is not a promise the man will be there to fulfil your desires. There are dark aspects and it takes constant rituals to feed that and keep it under control.
Like Hekate has a triple aspect, Pomba Gira manifests in 3, 6, 9. Pomba Gira Rainha of all the Marias.
She has many names and faces, and a proper way to work with her would be a dedicated altar. (the expensive stuff!).
Given the many aspects you need to know what exactly to call, depending on your need, so i suggest searching for someone who has a lot of experience with this particular Santeria. (i feel this is all i’m supposed to say on the subject)

Or… change some things about yourself. It takes a strong will and it won’t be easy. Ritual magic can influence things for a longer/shorter period of time, meanwhile, work on yourself and set some well defined and justified goals.


Thank you! I have much respect for Pomba Gira Maria Padilha, I read an article on her as well from someone’s experience and how unbreakable was the bond, also the woman who helped her said the same thing, “make sure you really want this man in your life” … that she is very powerful and can also take the man away if one does not fulfill promises to her.

Thank you for your input, I will hold on on that for now.
Currently I am just working with my own energies using candle magick, which as I noted has worked to bring this man to some obsession after a year, but he had never left in spirit due to not having closure over me, that helped.

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What is the point really? Love n domination . Isn’t that better to achieve in a hidden female sexual way. Otherwise I think you are wasting your time and energy on o e bloke who will always change his mind. Why are limiting yourself to a possible situation that is not going to be your security or your fluffy bunny sensations?
Love itself is a promise not a feeling

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Don’t get this the wrong way as I’m not moralizing you, but are sure you want an old story back who hides behind fake profiles? Why don’t you experiment with your new knowledge and attract a new and probably better guy in your life?
It’s been a looong long time from my last love spell, I was obsessing over the results and obviously it never worked. After 5-6 months, I realized this person doesn’t fit in my life anymore, I was changed in ways he would never understand or respect. I was way beyond his level at that point.

Since then I never casted a “get an ex back” spell, not because the last one failed, but because by reliving your own personal marmot day (great movie, you should watch it) it only holds you back and the natural way of things is to move forward.

I think you might be referring to “Groundhog Day,” which is the name of the movie in North America.


Pff go away! Yea that one! :joy:

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well, it’s always interesting to me how “moral” people are on MAGICK “do your will” forums.
But to answer, it would take 10 pages to write the whole story of a relationship.
Human beings and relationships are not cookie cutter, thank god.

We are human, have I spoken about all the horrible things I did to him? why do people always assume the man is the one who broke things off, or left and the woman is always the saint.
I was no saint in this relationship, and neither was he of course.

No, I did not go through all of this to dominate someone who doesn’t love me,
because from the beginning it was actually him who pursued me.
I am doing all of this to reconcile with someone who sought a relationship with me and whom I fell in love but we had problems.
Geesh… if it was that easy, yeah, go find someone new… will I also have problems with that other? of course.

Again, I’m not here for moral advice. But thanks.


I’m sure the first thing I said was that I’m not trying to put morals on your magick. Neither I asked you to explain yourself. My questions were rhetorical, aka for you to think about. But sure whatever.


Well, as I mentioned to someone else, I see your point, but no one knows the story of our relationship and why we got here.
Why do people always assume the issues are cookie cutter?
Perhaps if he’s hiding behind fake profiles is because I wasn’t so nice myself.
Not saying he’s a great human being, none of us are, we are that “human”.

So the story of us is too long to share.
Yes, I want that ex back because I love him, because he cannot be replaced, neither can I, thank god.
It depresses me to know that people are thrown out as if every other person can take one’s place.
Personally, as long as I love the spirit of the person and they do not harm me, I really don’t care about their human flaws. I think with my heart and intuition and do not chose people with my brain.
Ouch, I know that sounds scary, it’s perfectly fine.
We will never find someone who is perfect.

I’ve had people leave me because they chose better options like, a woman homeowner (money), the “logical” choice, blah blah… I hate that.
I do not care about the guy being poor, or having childhood traumas that show up in relationship issues and so on… I fight until the end when I love someone to save that relationship.
If I feel the guy does not love me, and it’s just as simple as that, I would never try to do any type of spell on them. Only when I feel it was “issues” that got in the way.

Anyhow, thanks I know I did ask for “should I continue” so that probably calls out “moral” advice…
but I meant it more in terms of spells, and advice on that sort of thing.

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Why not create a Journal Thread? It would easily validate that.


Not here for “MORAL” advice, just spells and magick.

Plus in this forum there is plenty of men talking positively and sharing knowledge on how to get SEX from tons of women and no one tells them how wrong it is, morals, or possible side effects these human beings (women) might have from being controlled for the sole purpose of sex.

So, interesting that when I see women talk about their “ex” and I’ve seen newbies come looking for advice on love spells so many people jump in the wagon to give “moral” advice, move on, free will, consequences, psychology, and so on.

It’s magick, it’s the occult, there is no right or wrong, different purposes and intentions.
What is right for some is wrong for others. It’s just energy.

If I am doing spells for an ex, that’s my problem.
I’m here for those who can not judge my decisions and are willing to share magickal information and advice.


@Luz i don’t think that what others replied was meant to question the morals of your magic acts.

I previously told you how i decided not to pursue a man that i love. Yes, i love him, but deep down i feel i can’t have him just for myself. It was not easy moving past this. Yet, it happened. Because i have to respect myself.

Don’t let feelings become obsession, this does affect your magic. Take a step outside of yourself and see things from a different angle. Then, go back to yourself.

And screw what people online talk about getting sex, using magic to get love etc. They are not your ancestors, they are not your guides. Probably some just have better means in society, you can’t really tell what actually made it happen for them. You are you. Chin up, put on your boots and walk your path with grace.

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Yeah you should quit. You say you work with LoA but you come from a place of desperation and obsession. I am not judging because I have been there. You should take a break and let things settle down and then start with a clean slate/mind. If you still feel the same after you do, which I doubt, you should go for it… Its not gonna work when your obsessed, desperate and full of doubt. The fact that you know she blocked him shows you are obsessed. Im sorry its true, again not judging Ive been there. You asked the question if you should continue, I dont think you should. There are many different factors you should take into consideration when doing a love spell. Many. And they often need continued work. Why dont you just message him if he send you a lovenote? Also are you sure it was him? And not the other woman trying to find things out for herself? I dont think there is anything wrong at all with what you are trying to do but i dont see how you are going to be succesful coming from a place of lack.

No one was actually giving you “Moral Advice”


If this is your heart’s desire, act on it.

Pomba Gira manifests in 3, 6, 9. Pomba Gira Rainha of all the Marias.

Could you please explain the manifests in 3,6,9
I stumbled upon her invocation on here yesterday and today I randomly looked up while in the car and saw I’m in front of a strip mall with a big sign saying “crossroads plaza” I feel she may have been calling to me

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