Need advice on home protection

So im looking to use a basement for my temple and all my workings so my question is what are everyone’s suggestions on how to keep what I do there and not affecting my family up stairs?

If the basement is used by all family, you’ve got it difficult my friend, as I don’t think they understand you need some place of your own to perform your magical practices.

Don’t you have your own bedroom? You only need a place to be quiet and uninterrupted most of the time, so choose hours of the day when you know they won’t bother you (really early in the morning 5 a. m. for example)

Perform your magick there, even silently (mentally or in whispers) and clean up the place after you’ve finished. That’s what I do, it works the same as doing in a dedicated temple

No I have made it clear it my area so my fiance and kids will not be down there but from my experience it stills affects the whole home I was thinking possible some permanent or semi permanent wards and possibly astral walls but I have never done either so im not sure what the up keep would be for that. Usually I notice everyone seeing and hearing things so I have to do a full house cleansing.

To do a house cleansing what I do is include in my visualizations while on banishing rituals “all of the house”, I mean, I expand the circle or sphere of protection in my imagination so it surround all of the building.

My family has never feel anything strange at home, and I’ve been working with all kind of spirits/demons/angels, white magick and black magick, so it should work the same for you, unless your house is on the way of some “teluric current” (you know, those currents of astral energy), wich as I’ve seen on some documentals can “expand” psychic abilities on almost everyone (that mean, your family would be stimulated by this teluric current psychically and they could start “seeing/hearing things”)

If this be the case, you could yet use some symbols prior the entrance of the teluric current to your house to divert it so it doesn’t go through your home (this is feng shui stuff, I’ve read they do it using symbolic statues but I’m totally incognizant of feng shui. you know, all of the universe works symbolically, so symbols are the way to dominate the current. We do it in every ritual, as you already know)

So I would test if my house is traversed by a teluric current (you can use a pendulum for divinating it, but do some sessions, and if you have any friend ask him/her to do the same). Hope you have luck on this

Thanks appreciate it. I will have to figure it out on my own because I dont know any magicians personally. Ive been doing it all on my own.

Nemo koetting just replied to your question in his last newsletter

Yeah I saw that I just laughed my ass off

do like a Dog and mark your terretory