Need Advice on Evocation

Hi guys, I am new to evocation and spirituality I have been re searching these topics for about 4 years now have practiced meditation sometimes but I have never ever done evocation,astral projection,travel, lucid dream or any of these things I need to know where I need to start my path in order to have a successful evocation and master it,  thanks for reading.
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Start with research, read lots of books and pages on this forum, there are plenty of pages on this subject for beginners. I am also a beginner, but have performed 3-4 successful evocations. People don’t usually hear or see the demon for the first many rituals, but they feel them and often hear them through their mind telepathically. Start with meditation with a candle, and just stare at the flame pushing away any thoughts and thinking nothing as much as you can for a certain time each day. A lot of questions have already been answered on the forum.


Thanks for replying, can you suggest for me a book to start with?

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I’m not sure since I don’t have any basic ones myself, but I recommend looking up beginner grimoires on here, good luck!

Summoning Spirits by Konstantinos is a great development program.

Once you have mastered the development exercises given in that book, move on to EA’s book Evoking Eternity.

If you really want to become a powerful magician and are not too impatient, Initiation Into Hermetics by Franz Bardon is possibly the best magical training program available,. Unfortunately, it takes roughly 2 years to complete and you won’t be evoking until you are most of the way through but it takes you from beginner to advanced.


im pretty new only been doing evocations for about a couple months now but Ive been meditating longer that I only started off with a sigil that I drew on a piece of paper that I cut up a small squate piece 5inx5in or so. I didnt use any other tools and I was 100% succesful on my 1st or second try. I actually felt a massive amount of energy and got an instant hard on (no lie) I knew that something happened. You will know too when you feel whoever you call. Its not always a strong presence. (and you wont get aroused either, probably, when it happened to me I if it was normal and nobody here would tell me if it was or not which was disappointing but then I saw other posts later on saying it happened to others as well)

You can get tools and stuff if you want but you really dont need them some people say you do but I’m a noob to most others and I dont. Now I dont really even use the sigil sometimes Ill just chant the enn or an invocation

Before you start do research on whoever you want to evoke and then meditate in general or meditate on that entity for a bit before you get into a relaxed state. I personally dont really know if i ever fully get into the TGS state many talk about here but i seem to make the connection just fine. You will read about that just use the search bar for TGS. (theta gama sync) I dont see them though so yea.

Ok once you meditate have your sigil in hand after lighting an inscent if you have one (if not its fine. You can have an offering for the entity if youd like (again I dont think its really necessary but it doesnt hurt, an inscent can be an offering too)

Some say to have the sigil in left hand I dont think it matters, me personally I liked holding it with both hands and having my thumbs just over the circle I mad around the sigil. I feel as if I get more of a connection that way IDK.

then open/activate the sigil you can search on how to do that here too
you dont need to see a bunch of crazy shit happening it can be very subtle usually is for me if anything really at all.

then ask whoever your evoking to come to you. ex. say come to me… come to me… over and over if you like (i do)
Then once you feel a presence then state with your intent and visualize your intent happening (that part can be a little difficult at first) One thing I would do before this is say something like give me a sign that your here or touch my hand when if your here. Certain entities willjust give me an instant hard on and thats how I know for sure they are there. (very weird I know)

so converse with the entity you may not hear anything but believe they are there.
when your done thank them and dismiss them nicely.

Make sure you show respect and one thing I can tell you is dont second guess yourself. dont think oh this is stupid, or oh this isnt real, or this isnt going to work because that type of negative thinking will stop any success IMO

So basically thats it I saved you a lot of time researching but still…

Do the research like the others said but also practice! if you read a million books and dont do anything you still have no experience,

When you make that first strong connection you are going to think oh shit this is real! its a good feeling. and then once you get even one result that you know wasnt a coincidence you will be like I HAVE THE POWER!!
This just happened to me recently

Keep evoking keep learning and meditating. Realize that with certain things you can personalize methods and make them work for you. there usually isn’t a set method on how to do things

The reason I took the time to type all this out is because I didnt have anyone to really help me out and would have liked to especially in the very beginning! I have someone helping me out now on here and answering my questions with a different thing so I’m paying it forward so to speak. Good luck and stay with it. If you fail. try again. Biggest thing I noticed at first was you have to get your mind into it the right way


Dude!!! YouTube!!! It has everything!!!


Thanks mate, you saved me lots of time I will start by reading books and meditating first then during that time I will start practice evocation right away, thanks again for taking your time and answering my question :slight_smile:

Thanks for the names of the books I will start with Summoning spirits by Konstantinos, thank you for your time

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Your welcome:grinning:

1st book to read:

It’s so easy to read and to understand.

2nd book to read:

A little more in depth.