Need advice on building astral senses

Hey everyone I know I’ve been posting a lot about this,but I was wondering if anyone knew any rituals or exercises to help me open sigils and see spirits.I’m currently on my first day of 13 Days to Power.I’ve tried working with Sastan,Mepsitahl,Azazel,and Paralda,but none of this will work if I can’t open their sigils.Any advice on how any of you developed this skill would be greatly appreciated.Also if anyone is willing to evoke one of these entities on my behalf PM me.

If I can’t get things to work out on my own I’d be willing to pay.

I think I made some progress yesterday with Sastan.His sigil didn’t flash or disapear,but it got bolder and the lines kind of split in two then there was almost like a shadow of the sigil with lines kind of floating.I asked for him to help me see spirits and open my astral senses and when I gazed into the mirror I saw tons of energy floating inside it.It was almost like looking down a dark hole and seeing something in the bottom come to the surface.It was hard to tell what these things were being they appeared and disapeared quickly,but some of them looked like they had wings and flew out of the mirror.I tried to tell Sastan to show himself but he didn’t.How do you give the command for a.spirit to appear in the mirror?

Pick a spirit and stick with it. Meditate on its sigil, talk to it and tell it what you want to achieve. If you have an altar offer the spirit a place on it along with some wine and other offerings. Be respectful and open to the spirit. I’ll PM you some more advice on this.

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Would you mind sending me some as well? I’m currently trying very hard to work with Vassago. Seems like when I ask a precise question though it comes back wrong.

me too, if you don’t mind, -TWF-, thanks :slight_smile:

If you could PM to me also about this technique, I would be greatful.

well, dear TWF, please copypaste whatever advice you have on this matter either here (as it is much asked for) or in PM for me, as i am also in need of assistance.


Just because everyone is asking for TWF’s advice I would like to say what he instructed me to do was pretty effective.The sigil of the spirit I’m trying to make contact with has been laying on my altar for 24 hours now,and when I look at it it begins to transform.Not flash,but deffinently starts to come alive.Thanks TWF for the advice.


Hey TWF, i would love if you could pm me the advice you have on this matter

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thank you TWF!
this deserves a thread on its own

Thats fine. Not everyone sees the same thing. My sigils dont flash or turn 3d. Sometimes they may pop a little, and what i tend to see is a purple and blue color form in empty spaces, and sometimes the lines disappear… what you need to understand starting out is that if youre not meditating youre doing nothing and nothing will ever happen. Theres really no way around this. You can put it off as long as you like but if youre serious you will sack up and start if you have not already.

Another thing you have to realize is trying to hard is the opposite of what you want to do. Its counter productive. Dont stare at the sigil, gaze and stare through it. Let your vision blur. Let your jaw drop and just melt. Dropping mind is the key to this, of youre thinking during this process you wont go anywhere. Thats the art of meditation.

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