Need Advice Help

There’s this guy I know he claims someone is always falling ill and dying in his family every year so often or is diagnosed with something… He can never be happy his moms cancer came back and they found a mass in his dads lungs. Why would all this be hitting his family like that??? A curse? Bad luck??? He doesn’t allow himself to be happy and is distant. Or is that what happens when someone try’s to fool and play mind games too much and the family knows and they get wiped out?

Illness happens, randomly and out of the blue, all the time. That’s life. I have had both a sister and a niece develop cancer within the last year. However, even as a magician, it would be silly of me to immediately jump to the conclusion that we’re cursed. As the saying goes, when you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras, and there is a known genetic component to cancer. If it has occurred anywhere in the family line, then there is always a chance of it rearing its ugly head somewhere down the road.

However, there is a small probability that the guy latched onto a natural occurrence of illness, and rode it inside his head until it began to manifest as an accidental curse on his family and himself, thus the increase in sudden diagnoses.

You could do a divination and find out for sure.


I second @DarkestKnight advice. It is never wise to jump to a curse unless you have good reason to suspect otherwise (such as a known dispute with a magic user). Jumping the gun will just lead to using energy on something that may not be there. Bad things happen, and unfortunately cancer is one of them. Runs in my family as well. Divination would be a wise way to go to figure out how to proceed