Need advice for someone in a difficult position

Someone I know is working a job in the finance industry. They’ve been working there for some years, but their paycheck is the same pay rate as it was for someone getting paid as if it was still 2005, so the pay at the bank has been stagnant for 15 years. They haven’t got a raise or promotion in years, and their quarterly bonus just got cut so they have no incentive to work as hard as they did last year. Their boss can’t seem to give them more money because of higher-up nonsense, fully expecting people to stay there forever since most of the people there are lazy and want to get out at 4:00 PM, so that’s why the bonuses were cut. The promotion he wanted didn’t happen and his “bonus” was just his overtime he already worked for and should have been given. Is there a spell to help them get the job they really want?

Unlike my situation where I’m limited by my health problems so it’s difficult for me to get a job, maybe if they can get a better job things could pick up for us and we could have more options financially. Between the three people in my everyday life, they are the only one working a job. Their spouse had a really bad fall and needed to pay for their implants, so they were also stressed about that too. This is ridiculous. They shouldn’t have to suffer this much because of such an asinine company.

The thing is I don’t have experience with talking to spirits and I can’t see mental images in my head. What should I do?

Invoke Phaleg on a Tuesday in the hour of Mars

Could this also work for me too? I’m working with a job coach to gain employment. Recently we’ve been trying to see if I can get a job at a screenprinting shop since that’s the most relevant job to my skills. They said they were expanding their screenprinting department and the way they described it made it seem like they would be looking for lots of people for a while but when I called a week later they already filled out the positions. I told the coach where do we go from here but they said that some new hires don’t work out so we should wait 1-3 weeks. It’s the end of the second week. Should I invoke Phaleg on this Tuesday to possibly secure a position?

Before you can choose a course of action, you need to know where you are going.

What does your friend want?

Would they prefer a promotion with the same employer? If so, then Belial might be able to force the company to pony up.

Would they like a better job, with higher pay somewhere else? If so, then calling upon King Paimon could get them one. Or Hal’ah’thor, a Nether Lord under Azazel.

Find out exactly what your friend wants before seeking to throw magick at their problems. Otherwise, the spirits will expect a big, and most likely expensive, apology if you call upon them to help your friend and your friend rejects what they provide to him.

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@DarkestKnight All right, thanks for that. I asked them to specify their position and it’s different titles like Investment Manager, Portfolio Manager, so they’re securing million dollar accounts for the bank talking to clients about their different investment options. Sounds impressive but this company is REALLY stingy by the sound of it, paying EVERYONE crappy income, and he’s been working there for almost 10 years.

It seems like he’s going to stay for quite a while more since he doesn’t feel like applying for a similar position in the same area, but he doesn’t want to work there when he’s in his 40s and he’s in his early 30s. Should I call on Belial then? From the sound of it, he’s bummed that he didn’t get his promotion or a good raise, so either or both would be ideal. I don’t know what a good salary for him would be with his experience so I suppose Belial can work with the number this person has in mind? And give everyone else the salaries they need boost the moral there?

I don’t know how to call on these spirits though. What should I do?

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Yes, if your friend want to stay where he is, but move up, even though the company is tightening the purse strings, I would recommend Belial. He has a way of getting authority figures to sit up and take notice.

really great advice. However @LightFire i want you to know the belial is really strict and i heard he is angry all the time… so be careful and watch what u say and what u do. i highly suggest to read about him and learn as much as u can about him before summoning him.