Need a spell to cause incidents to a target

Does anyone here have experience with spells like this? How fast it can work? I need a method to harm my enemy fast with the power of my will

No one can tell you how fast a spell works because spells are external manifestations that like any form of manifestation relies on the window of probability. You can look up any spell or make your own, regardless it’s still going to take some time based on it.

A spell of your own making with your own hatred, anger, whatever strong emotion you’re feeling is more efficient.


How can i make a spell of my own? Dont know how to exactly do this

Try any demon or Archangel

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a spell is literally just your will put in writing lol.

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A good one I’ve used is calling on the demon Sarsiel with a ritual called ‘To enable a cycle of never-ending misfortune.’ It’s in the book Lucifer and the Hidden Demons. I’ve used it and it’s worked very well to cause multiple problems in someone’s life. Long story short - I used it on a total bitch at work who would not stop with her toxic behaviour against me and several others. It worked well and she ended up leaving. But it can take time for things to line up, so impossible to say if something will work fast. It depends on the situation. You have to give magic time to work.

Have you tried working with Sonnillion :heart: or Tezrian :heart: ?


Rule of thumb is usually a full moon cycle for a spell to work (Full to Full or New to New). Some spells work faster some slower. But its best to allow at least that long to see if there is any noticeable affect or if changes need to be made or not.

Yup, that’s why it’s called spell-ing. Words have meaning and power behind them. Try to think up a short rhyme with your exact desire in the sentences so you’ll remember it more easily and can chant it without having to look at a piece of paper. Finding the correct demon for your needs is very important, do your research on each before you make your decision, being careful to check the rank of the demon. You don’t necessarily, for example, need a demon king for something a marquise could easily do. There are ranks, an order, and legions of demons beneath each demon of rank. So research until you’re absolutely sure. :slight_smile: