Need a Sigil for a Curse

Hi everyone. I am asking for a Sigil I can use on three targets for a curse. It’s not for a death curse, but good enough to cause them to suffer tremendously, any demon recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks!


There are bind runes to drain enemies till causing physical death. Maybe someone in this forum can give a couple of hints extra. Fehu is one of them to drain across space, Thurisaz is the byte of death. Actually you can design it yourself :wink:


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You could write their names out, take out the vowels and repeating letters, convert the letters into numbers, plot them onto the Saturn Kamea, and create the sigil for each by connecting the dots. That way, you are ( in a way) evoking their suffering from their own actions, slowly tightening around them over time.

Other than that, Sabnock, Andras, Abbadon, Resheph, and Alastor comes to mind as far as demons go.


Can you tell a positive example on this?

Let’s say for instance I want to be friends with John, then how would you do this method for this purpose?

Only asking because I’m not a native and your summarized method is hard to get and translate to to do actions :slight_smile:

no problem at all.


Wow okay really
Thank you.

Just a few questions

1, After the sigil is ready, what you do with it? , I mean it’s just a name so you evocate it and tell what you want? Or any methods you use?

2, Can you create a sigil as like you create a coded paper in DOM, like make a present tense “I’m a friend of John” create a sigil for the sentence, and then charge/evoke that?

3, what kind of works you used this technique for?

Thanks for your time helping with this


1.) Basically, I use the sigil much like a picture or biological material. While it does bring Saturn’s influences, it’s main purpose on its own is to serve as a focal point. If i want to make it a bit complex, I’ll use both the name and the name of a poison or toxic animal/plant. I have created parasitic servitors using this method and, in the process of creation, interweaving the target’s energy to the servitor so it is a bit more difficult to banish.

2.) You could. You do want to be careful not to make it too complex, as it can make things a little murky resukt wise. Just be sure you are as clear as you can with it.

3.) Like I said, this is mainly a substitute for a picture on its own and bring planetary influence into your ritual. By experimenting and tweaking things, you can create some pretty interesting forms of sigil magic, not just for curses. For example, using one’s name with a venus kamea for healing or love work.


I already have created the Saturn influence one with the names, that I know how to do, being more specific what I meant is a more traditional symbol of sorts, that kills three birds with one stone, so it doesn’t get murky. What I’ve done so far is working very well. I just need to keep it going for awhile, by binding them within a circle of suffering if that makes sense. It’s rare for me to curse three ppl at once, but they are all connected, and doing the same harm.

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Wilson may I pm you later?

Of course, I may be asleep when you do but I will get back to you when I can.

I will try to think of something more geared to what you are looking for. Right now the evil eye ( which is more of a gesture than what you are thinking of) is the only thing coming to mind, but i am also tired. Or something like adding a tarot card such as the devil to act as a symbol in your ritual


OK, I will give you an idea of what they’ve done later, what I’ve done so far, and maybe you will think of something. Thanks!

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How much experience do you have?
Personally I’d be concerned about someone casting a curse without knowing any sigils, but that’s just me.
Good luck!

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Lol, Ive been doing this for years, it’s not the demon sigils etc, I’m looking for a particularly nasty one.

Try Babalon is one of the principal Gods in Chaos magick. Her qlipha is Sathariel. Is one of the most powerful Gods for destruction or creation. She can be manifested through her magic square or her sigil. Her altar for bane workings would be situated to the West. For healing or other workings should be in the North.

Tohu Bohu Chasek

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Thread closed.

Okay now I will replace that square [ 4 9 2]

With saturn square for death

But where to keep this sigil ?

Depends on the spell you are using. Like i said, this is used in place of a person’s name or picture in a curse, while adding Saturn’s influence. So, if you are using a curse that burns the picture, you would burn the sigil.

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