Need a Sexual Servitor

Hello all,

I hate to ask for help, but can someone create a nympho-type servitor for me? And, no I don’t want a succubus. Been there did that.

Help me acquire the confidence and “sexual magnetism” for attraction.
Attract partners for a safe and happy sex life.
Fulfill my sexual desires.

She appears in the form a woman in her late twenties. She is 5’8", she has long black hair, usually straight, dark brown eyes, sexy booty and athletic body but with D-cup breasts.

She is a gorgeous playmate who is a fun and enchanting lover. She is a true charmer who will give me everything I need when it comes to sexual power and confidence. She is an amazing lover and will show me what I need to feel immense and personal pleasure. She is an outgoing lover who enjoys role play. She is beautiful, very sexy, intelligent female devoted only to providing sexual pleasure. She should be fun and like sex too. Also, she should be able to manifest into the physical from time to time.

As for looks for an example of the above description, think a busty Katy Perry with long dark hair or a brunette Marliyn Monroe. Her name is Carmen. The rest is up to you. Sigil, enn and all.


Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions. And, for not flaming and trolling me.


Why not make one yourself?

First off:

  • Give her a name
  • Make her own personal sigil by following the steps in this link
  • Scry on her sigil

You can also add your body fluid to the sigil to enhance the result. And by doing this yourself, rather than making someone else doing this for you, your creation is more likely dependent on you than on the magician who made her for you.

It’s just a suggestion, because I think it’s a fun exercise with being creative on our own.


I agree with @succupedia about creating it yourself. It may be useful to utilize certain planetary energies geared toward your intent in the creation. Mars, venus and the moon are the first ones that come to mind.


Thanks to everyone for their help and suggestions. And, for not flaming and trolling me.