Need a Reading

In need of a reading. I had workings done between my ex and I and i need to know the current situation and will there be any chance of recoinciliation. Serious inquieries only

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Did you get anyone to offer a reading ?

I got help too I have a new deck I am bonding with.

No I haven’t. I need one ASAP

I can do a reading, but only you can interpret the answers for your situation. You have to meditate and connect with your own power, I’ve seen your posts your will is to reconnect with your ex, so have you asked for yourself ?

Well, i pray to La Santa Muerte about the situation and since im connected to the spells, its hard to take my mind off the situation. I reached out to him two weeks ago but nothing yet, but hes also in a current relationship. There was a working done to seperate them and for him to be drawn back to me, a endulcemiento( spanish for sweeten up spell/ honey jar), a love and a contact me spell. All of these workings and hes not effected?! Thats hard to believe. And I know him and his current girl fell out pretty hard in April but they are back together with arguments here and there. I just need to know whats going on and will we get back together. I dont do any magic at all. A friend of mine done the spells. But the reading she gave me it just doesnt seem right

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Why do you say the reading she did doesn’t seem right?

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