Need a name

So in my game, I originally had two contrasting factions. One originally called Demonians who, as the name suggests, are demon like or representative of infernal power in mortal form. They were originally a good guy faction. Despite their fiendish appearances, they lived in a society that was heavily philosophical. However, they also worked with infernal magick. I replaced them with nocturnals, which are made up of vampires, lycans, and half demons. The story takes the idea that darkness does not mean evil. However, I assumed all races would know this, which would be unrealistic. I decided to create nocturnals as an outcast faction. They hide among humans, so they don’t have a civilization of their own. However, they still work with dark magic. I plan on them being a good guy faction in that they try to help other outcasts, but generally distrust everyone else.

Counter to them is the Celestian race, a mortal depiction of celestial power. They, too, are a good guy faction in that they seek to bring order and peace to the nine worlds. Still, they are not without they’re self righteousness and the occasional hypocrisy. I like to call them the “Rich snobs of the nine worlds”. They possess their own civilizations, but I’m thinking about changing the name. I’m thinking Deva. It’s short, sweet, and carries the angelic concept. However, Deva relates to the Hindu gods, along side divine agents. This faction has nothing to do with gods. They are just mortal beings like us weilding powers of light.

The idea is to contrast the two. One faction calls on celestial and divine power to bring order, even if its not their business. The other represents those who exist on the fringes of civilization, calling on infernal power to merely survive against persecution.