Need a guru!

Instead of posting my common questions here and making topics like" help I’m new…" I’d like to share my improvements here.
If possible I’m looking for a occult teacher to help me with my journey as beginner
The path I’d like to take part and dedicate my life to is working with djinn and arabic magick and gain some depth knowledge of the occult.
I don’t think I’m gifted or talented ,but I’m willing to work hard to achieve the results i seek.


Watch for a welcome PM from me soon, and do be sure to used the Search function, there is plenty of information on here. :+1:


The best teacher is yourself. Dive in. Read everything possible. Watch EA’s youtube videos and read his books. Read everything you can on here from experienced people.

I started by watching Black witch S on youtube years ago. I love her. She is really easy to listen to and good for beginners as she does step by step videos.

Research and then do an Evocation with a learner friendly spirit.

It really is amazing, welcome to the forum