Need A Guide!

Hi my names Akari and I’m 14. I realise that’s young but best to start young right. I’ve been interested in horror and paranormal activity for a while and just a while ago got really interested in Demonology. I would like a teacher or master to help guide me. I barely know anything about the Dark Arts so I’d really appreciate some basic knowledge. Anything really. I know enough about the fact that demons are not evil spirits and not to go summoning them with no past experience and meditating with sigils but that’s it. Thanks in advance for replies!

Welcome, this is a great start.


Welcome to the forum @naka_akari3

A word of warning: Please be very careful about searching for a mentor/teacher over the internet. At your young age, you are a prime target for predators and abusers to take advantage of, so if anyone on this forum or anywhere else tries to contact you in any fashion looking to be your teacher or “master,” bring it to the immediate attention of the mod, @Lady_Eva, and she can help to determine if the person is legitimate or not. If the person has very little post history here, run very far and very fast in the opposite direction…


@DarkestKnight is right, I almost got scammed myself, search, read, and feel free to ask. It can be overwhelming, so just go slowly. Read carefully, and keep a book of shadows. Most of all, be safe!

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Welcome @naka_akari3 to the forum I would fallow the suggestions given by @DarkestKnight and be careful their is tons of info that you can search for as well I would start with divination as a first to learn the basic before moving in to more advanced art !


You are very very young but welcome and yes please be careful cause ppl just ugh…I’d hate to see you cause up in the wrong things there are many of us known to take in and teach a few things I myself included it just all depends on what exactly are you wanting to start with and how long you have been learning what do you know…

Most of these things you can find and learn on your own if you search through the ever growing database and take the steps given that are there along with tons of topics you can do for research as well good luck happy hunting be safe and welcome to balg sister…

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