Need a fast working candle spell to cause havoc in a targets life

Hi Magi,

I need a fast working sureshot candle spell to achieve something. One person has offended me greatly and I want to make her pay 3:) Dont ask me details.

I have one thing in my mind -
Cause her humiliation.

Whats the best way to achieve this using candle magick??

Tomorrow is waxing moon and Tuesday. Best day to cast this spell.

Thanks in advance :smiling_imp:

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This is from Baneful Magick of EA

You’ll need black candles and for humiliation we will use them with lavender colored candles. You do not need any photo or something from the victim as you know him personally, candles are more than enough. Lavender is used for dignity in candle magick but by using them with the same numbers of black candles hereby we reverse their effect and that will result the humiliation of your victim.

Begin with meditating and hence clearing, focusing your senses.

As you gaze in the candle’s flame bring to mind an image that a single frozen picture of the end results for which you are working

What is it that you desire ?

Why is this goal important to you ?

How will you feel when accomplished ?

Focus more and more, then suddenly you will find the unique moment that is uniting the present state with the future formation once you get that stage lock on to it and don’t leave yet, you have to continue and grow your seeds, concentrate again on the flame.

In a moment you will feel that your wish is accepted your magick altered the reality and within that new dimension; you will find that the end image in your mind is fading and at that moment bring your concentration back to your breathing and state firmly your wish; like “By the powers of magick; or by the powers of darkness, ( or a deity you feel connected … something that you invest power ; ) I command the … Mr X becomes/feels so humiliated”.
Keep simple and clear . You’ve already provided the details with images.

Then blow out the candle and inhale the smoke that rises up. And state that it’s done.

One more thing ; do not use those candles for any other purposes.

Please watch the below video to the end or even twice; chew it to the bone I mean and it will be similar to that. The video is a love spell candle magick but apart from candle colors and your wishes the logic and process is the same.

I again recommend the book, The Baneful Magick of EA, as you will find much more details and a greater variety within it.

Another way, as you like psionics, you may get a picture of the victim and a flashlight. And you will hold the flashlight to your target and close your eyes and will think and concentrate to your wishes, for a while like an hour or less and you will see the effects.

However candle magick will yield better results if you have something more intense and specific in your mind.


Thanks :slight_smile:

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