Need a bit of advice

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of invocations and trying to learn from the spirits I work with. But I’ve starred to notice changes in my own aura so that it’s started to resemble the entities I work with. I’ve also been feeling an almost insatiable desire to become more powerful magically that is. These things have been accompanied by a feeling similar to being in a theta state.
so my question is this : would you advise taking a step back for a bit or pressing on ?

my advice:dive deep.Use it to benefit you

No time is correct to back down, every moment is the right one to charge forward.

The only word of caution is to have a good idea who YOU are and what YOU want, these spirits are kinda like astral like Trekkies and are so into their enthusiasms that they often disregard other things - things which may matter more to you! So, jump in, but keep an eye on your own original desires and where you want this to go, because that’s the magickal approach (as opposed to religious submission to spiritual beings).

You may want to try to some form of a middle pillar working to get more grounded.