Necronomicon Yig Serpent Saturn

any experiences with Yig you can share

Such as

just any insight on him what he can do etc

got some bad news for u buddy

He’s not around anymore but in what way is there Bad News? Mild curiosity. :slight_smile:

Yig is snake god in necronomicon gnosis of asenath mason
it is a god honored by Amerindians of America
god and father of snakes

I associate all of this with Muladhara Chakra.
I’ve worked with Tyson’s Cthulu and it was all about Muladhara and an alchemical point between sulphur and Mercury. Plus strong Kundalini experiences.

I’ve never worked with Mason’s book but I think I understand when it’s said that the entities are hard to box. They seem to bring new (but very old) associations with them. And although Yig for me can perfectly be Hadit, it’s a new dimension of the God.

Definitely a powerful pantheon.

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