Necronomicon Gnosis by A. Mason...any insight?

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I wasn’t exactly sure where to put this topic so I just placed it in the general discussion sections.

So, has anyone worked with the “Necronomicon Gnosis: A Practical Introduction” by Asenath Mason. I saw it for sale from Black Tower publishing a long time ago but never got a chance to pick it up. I’m curious if anyone has read the ‘new version’ that come out about a year or two ago (hardcover). Any insight and comments are welcome, along with reviews and/or opinions.

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Its a great book. Very atmospheric if you want. It is a great adition in my opinion to anyones library. I personally have it. It can help you immerse in the necronomicon current by its storytelling-like naration. Other than that I found some practical things to use and other not. In general I give it 9.2/10~

Oh wow…9.2 outta 10, well then I look forward to reading it and perhaps owning it!

do you have the 1st ritual of the 9 stellar doors with your blood on the symbols of the doors how did you do it?

I shall go over my journal cause it’s been some time and I don’t remember if I performed it.

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okay it is written to put blood on the symbols the first time for the activated ones and after to burn them. I hope that I am not mistaken in translating the text of the English.

No, I am certain I did the same.

the version I have this is the new with the additions

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