Necronomicon and Draconian Path?

Hello Asenath, it’s a big pleasure to me wrting to you. I’m a big fan of your work. I have a question, which is the relationship between Draconian Path and Necronomicon? I have some theories, but I’m not sure if the Old Ones have some relationship with Draconian Magic or are two separated path.




I’ve been working with the Great Old Ones ever since I started having any interest in the Draconian Path and I’ve never seen them as separate. Cthulhu, for example, represents a similar concept as the Dragon - a subconscious force underlying all destruction and all creation, equally inspiring and threatening. I’m not saying it’s a direct equivalent, but it’s based on the same idea. And it’s similar with the Great Old Ones and Draconian deities- all of them represent something primordial, pre-human. Whether they’re presented as monsters with tentacles or fire-breathing dragons, the idea remains the same. These are forces stripped from their “human” masks. Some magicians may not agree with me, but I believe that all god-forms described in mythologies were created by man and given human characteristics so that we would be able to interact with them. They’re linked to the original forces, but they only represent certain aspects of these forces, but never their totality. Both Draconian deities and the Great Old Ones are deprived of these human characteristics and represent the raw force. For this reason they’re more chaotic, intangible and difficult to work with, but they also carry a greater potential because they’re not limited by “human” masks like other god-forms. Many magicians look at the Great Old Ones with suspicion because there are no historical sources that would confirm their existence, but this is how the god-forms we know from mythologies really look like if we manage to see through their “human” masks. Draconian magic works with both - explores the outer aspects of gods and spirits, but also goes to the roots of these archetypes to experience and absorb the forces they represent in their totality. The Qliphoth are an excellent tool in this work, or working with primordial dragon deities like Tiamat, but the Necronomicon lore is just as good.


Hello this is for you check it out see if they can all be remastered https://www. see if they are the real deal

I guess you mean this link in particular?
Interesting! :slight_smile:

If you would be willing to have a look, dear Asenath? :slight_smile:

For some reason I always thought them to be godforms that had really dubious intentions with humanity…
As if they wanted to take over the planet and therefore had a ‘priest’ as a messenger-and the fact that the others are asleep…But are they just seeming asleep to the non-initiated and to you then meet them in their awoken forms once you enter in deeper contact with them?

One might tend to think that they want to lure humanity to submit to them so they can have their full influence over humanity in a way that is in their advantage and to the disadvantage of humanity…;

Or am I confusing them too much with other beings such as reptilian entities from alpha draconis that take on ‘seeming’ human form that are have been killing and experimenting human beings on this planet for quite a long time, and might probably still be doing so, together with some types of greys?

Just wondering, wishing to be well informed indeed about the true intentions, because, intensely nasty things are still happening to humanity today…;

I did read one of your callings using the universal circle, related to Nyarlathotep
and, some time after it, for some reason did find a multidimensional extraterrestrial egg like in the alien movies in the woods near where I live, where I was wandering at night.

So, I wondered if I did get hijacked by another entity prior to that or if it was due to my contact with that particular being.
If you would be willing, for the sake of general information on the forum if you would like to share your gnosis on this?

I work very hard to make the world a better place for all, and at the same time I am very very intrigued to safely explore all that, for gnosis’ sake.

Thanks beforehand-

H. :slight_smile:

@Hermes As far as I am aware the Old Ones demand respect. However, they can hardly be called evil. Genuine service out of mutual benefit isn’t slavery. The darkness is Truth. Embrace it.


I think you worry too much about it. The idea of alien beings waiting to invade the planet sounds like another strange conspiracy theory. I personally haven’t experienced anything like that in my work with the Necronomicon Gnosis. The image of the Great Old Ones is perceived as threatening because they are primal and atavistic and have no human characteristics like most of deities that we’re familiar with, but this is exactly their power – the practitioner uses their consciousness as a tool to shatter the structures of mass mentality, to deprogram yourself and to access areas of the mind that we don’t even realize we have. This is a great magical system, but it doesn’t appeal to everyone, and if you don’t feel the call, simply focus on other magical traditions.


Thanks for your answers…; :wink:

I’ll have to find more answers then though on what I saw and why -
I am looking forward to delve deeper into this through gnosis.

In the meantime I have done some more work with Lillith, Lucifer and other demons in order to get more used to working with the great old ones as soon as possible.

I remember seeing similar eggs a few years ago while delving into occult material online,
having my consciousness sucked into a dimension…; I still wonder where they came from - and those I found in nature.
The strange thing is that, there was a being attached to me, using my body as a gateway to manifest it in 4D where I stood.

Maybe another type of entity? I’ll find out- I can ask Lucifer for instance, if you have more ideas, always welcome. :slight_smile:

I wish you well, all who answered!
All the best! :slight_smile:

Hi there TheStorm :wink:
I have replied a bit below - thanks for your answer! :slight_smile: