Necromantic Meditation & death energy manipulation exercise

Lay on the ground bare backed, cross your arms over your chest and close your eyes. Slowly breathe, hold and release in a five count (or whatever is comfortable for the sorcerer).
Begin to feel your heat leave you, the cold filling your body. As you inhale, feel the cold air go down your wind pipe and into your lungs, every breath filling you with the cold night air.

When the cold has enveloped your body, begin to contemplate death, dying, what would a corpse go through during decomposition, as these thoughts invite death energy to you. Slowly visualize a spiraling vortex, it’s color is black and it spirals away from you and into a center. Slowly see this vortex collapse in on it’s and form a black orb, which radiates a sickly yellow-green.
This is where the beginner will stop and break meditation. Once this becomes easy for them they may proceed to try one of the following:

Taking in the energy:
Slowly bring the orb up to your mouth. Inhale deeply until the orb is gone. You will feel spiritualy charged and physically drained.

Press your hands together until the orb bursts open, releasing the energy.

Manipulating it:
Pull, move, compress and stretch it, see how different movements affect it’s drain on you.

Experiment [on] and examine it:
Make mental notes on it’s properties and write them down later.

Charge items:
Push the orb deep into an item, charging it with death energy.

Drain others:
By sending it to someone and then consuming it you are collecting the energy they were drained of.



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