Over the last year and a half been learning, Studying, and Practicing Necromancy. The various regions of the Ancient World that Practiced this Art in its many defined practices from the Greek Necromancy, to Nekyia, then into Roman Nigromancy is amazing. Learning the names of the Gods like Anubis (Egyptian) known as the Embalmer, Protector, and keeper of the Grave, to Hecate Greek), Hel (Norse) and Supay (Incan) who are just Some of the Lords and Ladies of the Dead. Even the names of the Practitioners are amazing from Aje (African) Strega (Italian) and Haxa (Swedish) to the more common Magi, Sage, and Necromancer. But recently I have come acrossed a type of Necromancy I did not know existed which is called Cthulhu Necromancy. This is From the Necronomicon by H.P Lovecraft. But many Authors and Practitioner such as Simon, to Donald Tyson has discussed this Deitus. But no mention of this type of practice. My main study is the old world of Slavic, Baltic, Proto Germanic, Celtic, Scandinavian, and Norse, regions of Sorcery, so to come acrossed Cthulhu Necromancy is something new. Will be delving into this as my Nightly Rituals of Gravelording continues. If anyone has an reference to Cthulhu Necromancy please let me know! Thank you to E.A. Koetting and Dante Abiel and many more who have brought forth so much Apotheosis.

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