Necromancy teaching Entity for beginners

Which entity will be good with teaching basics of necromancy? I found that these entities can help with the necromancy itself, but I want to know about the teaching aspect: Samael, Bune, Anubis.

Of course by meaning necromancy, I don’t mean animating the corpses like in Diablo games, but be able to see and communicate with dead relatives.

If you want to know why I want to study that field, is a personal issue. The grandpa, well technically my aunt’s father died in his 50s in an industrial accident, but my aunt who was very young at that moment says, that he was probably killed by intensional attempt by one of his co-workers at the factory.
Still until this day it bothers me and my aunt.
I will be glad for any advices


Bune actually helped me to recover the story and the grave of my late great grandfather. Like, with cold hard facts and a certificate on top.
She connected him with me in a dream of mine, out of the bluest blue. A man I have never encountered and I haven’t much heard of, mind you. As soon as the “seed was planted” (the curiosity part) I played with his name in my head and where he could have ended (I am so far the only family member who knows about this). She provided me with enough clues so I could do a research with an actual foundation.
I know his location. I know what happened to him and when. I reclaimed his mostly forgotten name back into the family line. She also helped me to establish a contact when I called on his spirit in order to get to know him better. Bune acted as an amplifier during the session, so to speak.


I concur with @A_Pariah. Bime/Bune is a good choice for a guide into necromancy. Most only call upon him for money and ignore this part of him.


I’ve worked with 2 of these 3 entities but one of them was my patron and only entity I worked with for 4 years. Obviously I can’t give you a list of the things you can learn, or make a checklist, but these are good choices.
If I may, I’d suggest also to check Klepoth and Frucissiere, together. They can help you a lot.


I got into necromancy for the same reason but now I just love death energy and how powerful it is…

I suggest Santa Muerte the lwa Baron Samedi, Anubis, Osiris, Hades and Yama…

Samael for necromancy??? He is pure Light and fiery… :slight_smile: Bune, Bifrons, Azazel can surely help with necromancy workings

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No one’s gonna mention Hekate???


Cernunnos, An Dagda, Azrael, The group of Goddesses with the title Morrigan (Babd, Macha, Nemain), Osiris, Anubis, the four sons of Horus, Mot, Eshu,Veles, Chernobog, Ereshkigel, among many others. (There’s demons and more angels too but I personally prefer Gods and Azrael :laughing:)


Thanks for respond. Which one of them is in your opinion good for beginners?

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All of them are in a way “beginner friendly “ Cernunnos however is believed to be a guide and sings to the dead so in a way he could be seen as one Id go for.

I’m actually tired of seeing Hecate’s name everywhere, there are other very much more appropriate entities for necromancy.


Less about importance and more about relevance in this case.

Can’t say that I’ve seen frequent mention of Hekate 'round here.

When it comes to Hekate, I take annoyance with a lot of the sort of Wicca flavored crap that gets tacked on her.

I can agree that some beings and entities seem to get very overstated importance.

To each their own.

If you look a bit better you’ll find people talking about Hecate even on threads about other entities.
Traditionally Hecate is the Guardian of the ghost of the unburied dead, but people gave her more attributes than she had riiiight after 5th century AC after been demonized for 2 centuries from the westerners and suddenly she became the “go-to” spirit for nearly everything. At this point, if I have to be absolutely honest, I’m not sure if the entity people summon is Hecate.

But the point is, that there are many more appropriate spirits, from angels to demons to gods.


Hecate’s ‘worship’ has rose a lot in the past year I’ve seen online especially with Americans online lol


I blame Sorita d’Este :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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