Necromancy path and immortality

heya there so i made the decision that i will use morphosephram to become a vampire and use some of the cabal books to start necromancy however can someone recommend any other book to go along with these books?

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I’m curious about the merging process with the Mobloch void entity in order to become a vampier being according to the author. Anyone has reached this stage or similar state through another path?

For necromantic current advanced works could be Blood Sorcery Bible: Rituals in Necromancy Volume 1 and 2, Sorceress Cagliastro, Necromantic Ritual from Leila Wender, Kindoki by Afefe Ogo and the Liber Falxifer current. All of them can help to go very deep into death current

yes michael w ford speaks about merging with vampiric entities to become a vampire and such

and i summoned mobloch and my friend also summoned him and became a vampire

As far I remember Michael Ford places Moloch at the final stage of the Qlipothic three.
Moloch isn’t specifically a vampiric deity, but can be experienced in the vampiric perspective (meaning you will devour during your Qlipothic experience).

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Yes in the Draconian Rite of the Adversary in which the black fire of Kether is opened Michael Ford put Moloch as the Devourer.

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omg nd black wooooood!!

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where can I download this book?

Buy it, we do not support Piracy here