Necromancy oil and general power oil

I’m making a oil with herbs and a carrier oil to increase my invocation and evocation and drawing spirits and increase power in other spells basically a all in one oil and necromancy oil so far it has a olive oil base grave yard dirt from a relative frankincense myrrh valerian root mugwort my blood on paper and tabacco juniper berries pine resin and patchouli essential oil and lavender essential oil I plan to distill it a minimum of 30 days and charge it on a full moon and then burry it for a week at the crossroads of a cemetery and retrieve it

Is there any ingredients I can add or steps I should add to make this more necromanctically powerful and powerful in general

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I am aware of this formula but all items are hard for me to get any suggestions on things I can add to my formula

Simple poison can be used for formulas if not applied to skin.(or you can add small non lethal amounts poisons but be careful.) Mostly anything with intent will help and work. But you could summon a deity to give you achievable items.

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You can speed up the process by infusing oils on a low heat, but whatever works for you.

I’m an herbalist so I have a lot of info on making ritual oil blends for different purposes

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Ya I’ve done it with low heat before and really does do a good job of making sure it’s fully distilled in quick time

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Ya posion is a good idea or toxic plants I know a place that has a little woodland common Belladonna


I have to do it that way mostly because of having to fulfill orders for my business.

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Ya if you need it quick then it’s the only way really


My necromancy oil / death gods and dead spirits oil / psychic power oil is looking great in addition to the original ingredients I’ve been adding over time tabacco ash and cigar peices and weed/cannabis ash over time in addition to all the great ingredients that been there since the beginning my intuition tells me that it needs a little more patchouli oil mixed in and more black rum and some snake blood to finish it off but it’s looking great smells like something death gods would like it’s not a bad smell necessarily very dark woodsy little musky but has a lot of spice to it to hard to describe

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