Necromancy and Invocation

Many possess themselves with non-corporeal entities for the purpose of obtaining knowledge and attributes of said beings through Invocation. However, I have never heard of this being done with the spirits of deceased. Does anyone have experience or thoughts regarding this, particularly pertaining to what could be gained, and negative implications.

I have talked to some people who claim to do this with deceased family members. I say claim not because I don’t trust what they say is true, I just mean that I haven’t personally seen it happen.

I can see myself doing this with a deceased person if I had communicated with them in other ways to get their help or knowledge on something and we determined the best way to get it done would be for them to ‘take me over’ for awhile. I would want to have a specific time limit set, and need to have full trust in the spirit that they would honor that time limit before doing it.

Thanks, I would agree with that procedure. My only concern is that many necromancers claim becoming emotionally attached to the dead is very detrimental, which might happen during such an intimate bond. I think it might be best to consult with some demons on this one.

I completely agree… same concern. That’s why I would probably only do this with a family member I trust to honor the time limit. I haven’t had a problem with getting attached to the dead yet - and want to avoid that at all costs.

Yes, I’ve done this a few times. A guy I know talked about his methods for such stuff.
Personally, I dress a white candle in “black arts oil” (I’m bigon hoodoo, and this oil is great for necromancy). I light some sweet incense and cast a circle with my athame.
I get into a deep meditative state using some graveyard dirt to get in tube with the death current. Then I start to call on the spirit using barbaric names of power taken from Greek spells involving the dead/underworld. I use a lancet to prick my palm and tell the spirit to comeon in. Later, I give the spirit a thanks and license to depart. I recommend calling on some death gods/demons (I prefer Hades, Hecate, and Persephone), just to keep the spirit in line.