Hi guys,

I’ve seen a pendant.
It’s a regolar crucifix with a snake coiled around it.
I like it very much and i’m thinking to buy it.
Is it Satanic, in your opinion?



I don’t think it would be inherently Satanic, unless that is what you want.

If you like it then you should get it IMO.


I think it might be this

But would you only buy it if it was Satanic?


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Kundalini energy. The snake coiling around the cross is not “satanic” by any means in my opinion.


Kundalini is Satan and you have to have it to be Christ

I don’t think anything can exclude Satan. Take music for example. Even church hymns are Satanic. You just have to speak Satan’s language (divination/subconsciousness/symbols) to hear it.

Whether or not the necklace is Satanic depends on how subtle you go with it

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The image is the exact opposite of Satanic. The story is from Numbers, a bunch of Israelites were grumbling about Yahweh (even his own people can’t stand him) and he sent a plague of snakes to smite them and all. Then, they begged Moses for help and Moses asked Yahweh and Yahweh told him to construct a snake on a pole and everyone who looked at the snake was healed. It’s a symbol of humble trust in the power of God as well as victory over the serpent from Eden.


What? Like in the link I posted? :smiley: