Hi guys,

I’ve seen a pendant.
It’s a regolar crucifix with a snake coiled around it.
I like it very much and i’m thinking to buy it.
Is it Satanic, in your opinion?




I don’t think it would be inherently Satanic, unless that is what you want.

If you like it then you should get it IMO.


I think it might be this

But would you only buy it if it was Satanic?





Kundalini energy. The snake coiling around the cross is not “satanic” by any means in my opinion.


Kundalini is Satan and you have to have it to be Christ

I don’t think anything can exclude Satan. Take music for example. Even church hymns are Satanic. You just have to speak Satan’s language (divination/subconsciousness/symbols) to hear it.

Whether or not the necklace is Satanic depends on how subtle you go with it


The image is the exact opposite of Satanic. The story is from Numbers, a bunch of Israelites were grumbling about Yahweh (even his own people can’t stand him) and he sent a plague of snakes to smite them and all. Then, they begged Moses for help and Moses asked Yahweh and Yahweh told him to construct a snake on a pole and everyone who looked at the snake was healed. It’s a symbol of humble trust in the power of God as well as victory over the serpent from Eden.


What? Like in the link I posted? :smiley: