Necessities of a novice spell caster


Hey EA,

In your website u give a lust spell for free which u say is powerful.My question is can a totally novice,a guy who knows nothing of magick,nor any special abilities use this kind of spell,or money magick spells to get results?

Also I would like to know if any spells exist to get u through tough competitive exams to the institute desired…nd if u share it,it wud be gr8.




Hi astralreek,

Why not experiment yourself and note results (or lack of it) before calling on EA or anyone?

Would you ask on a bodybuilding forum if lifting weight will produce results? Sure it will. But not by speaking or asking about it. But by doing it by yourself first.

Try. Then come back.


i have first hand experience of evocation resulting in my being accepted into a program of study for which there is only a 7% successful entry rate (for my year). the more people who take the entrance exam, the smaller the percentage. some years it’s as low as 3% acceptance, some as high as 10% (still slim odds either way).

to give you an idea of my entrance exam score, i ranked in the 80th percentile, or the top 20% of the country. that sounds pretty good on paper, but in real life, there were 13,000 people applying for this course. at all the universities in the country, there were around 1700 places. that means that there were about 2600 people (13,000 * 20%) who were as good or better than me. that means that me, and 900 other people should have missed out based on grades alone, but the interview component saved my ass.

at the end of the day, i beat about 93% of applicants, although statistically this should not have happened. aside from the fact that i did quite well in a really, really hard exam (it’s 7.5 hours long) and happened to pass the interview well enough to compensate for my mediocre grades, a series of really unlikely coincidences came about which had not happened in any previous years due to a change in the organisation of the intake. this could not have been predicted, and the reaction to this change by the university i am now attending also could not have been predicted (in fact, the whole issue goes unspoken as it is so unusual that it may be considered by some to be unfair. if they had not taken this action, i certainly would not have been accepted because what they did essentially eliminated about 150 viable candidates from being able to apply to the school i’m now attending, thus increasing my odds of success).

i used evocation to help me a along. first, i evoked two daemons who could help me study and aid me in the exam (their specialties were being examined). the third spirit i evoked, i charged with assisting me with the interview and ensuring that i be accepted by any of the schools to which i applied irrespective of whatever misfortune must befall other applicants in order to secure my own place. clearly, there are about 150 pissed off people who lost their places so i could get bumped up the line!

however, you state that you’re new to evocation and you’ve not practised magic before. i would, therefore, recommend studying your ass off. ultimately, you can do whatever you want on your own, as far as you alone are concerned. magic helps move things further, higher and faster, but your own input is required. in fact, the more you ask of magic, the more you must put in yourself (especially when it comes to school etc).

if i may ask, what exam(s) are you taking? oh and by the way, i’m not super bright or anything like that. i dropped out of high school when i was 16.

kind regards, james.


I am giving the exam for my post graduation of medical sciences here in India.I wanted to know that I can see auras well nd fine…can I straight away start evocation?Can u tell me which beings to evoke for this purpose?





My advice to you is to obtain either Evoking Eternity, Book of Azazel or even the $20 ebook from EA. He gives detailed instructions on how to properly evoke a spirit. I’ve tried his method and it absolutely works.

You may want to spend some time on mastering theta gamma sync. Work with candles and sigils first. But start evocation ASAP!



Still Waiting on the “Complete Works”


good luck with your exams.

if you want to evoke, just go ahead and try it. if you can see auras, you should get some kind of results from evocation. if you’re still having trouble, just try some daemonic sigil magic.

and yes, i recommend Works of Darkness and Evoking Eternity. they helped me with my own development more than any other resources.

kind regards, james.


Thanks tiberius_james nd ZachD555 for ur insights…should be starting work on evocation by april after my inernship is over!!!I do have evoking eternity nd i’ll get the works of darkness as well!!!