Nearly 2 months after my pathworkings with Lucifer and The Hidden Demons

Boy oh boy you guys aren’t gonna believe what happened since we last spoke.

I had originally done 3 pathworkings at the beginning of October with Diopes, Astaroth and Beelzebub. A few weeks in without results made me skeptical enough to post here. But here I am now to tell you how wrong I was.

All I can say is the first two pathworkings I did with Astaroth and Beelzebub were fulfilled after 40 to 45 days. Nearly in conjunction with one another, they happened almost simultaneously. I had a big stupid fucking grin on my face the entire week.

Still waiting on some money from Diopes but I kinda expected that one to take a little longer so I did another pathworking with Lucifer to fulfill the petition quicker.

Other than that, I still feel as if I remain lacking in what my clairvoyance originally was. Maybe it’s a product of my last working, maybe it will be restored once it’s fulfilled.

I’ll let you guys know what happens if it does.


Congratulations on not one but two successes! I’m glad that while it seemed delayed you eventually got what you asked for and I love that it’s a good example of how sometimes it just doesn’t seem like magic is working- but it is.

@Verdo might like this for his success thread? I can’t recall the exact criteria he uses to choose.

I have had many times where it seemed as if my senses were not as strong for a short time before they suddenly got much stronger.

I’ve also believe that for most people, if we needed to further develop our senses we need to continue to work on them to keep them at top performance.

If you a marathon winner and take three months off without any training, stretching or discipline you will certainly notice a performance difference on your first run when you take it back up.

The rest of the world might compare you the Bolt dude, but you know in your heart you coulda done better. If you’d only trained a little all those months instead of eating so many cupcakes…

I scored nearly perfect on my Act test when I was 16 years old. I am now nearly 37 and I’ve not studied the covered subjects since I graduated at 18.

Do you think I could get the same score now? Maybe, if it it’s all basics but if I recall it wouldn’t be, I’d have to take a course, read some articles, or even take a trial test to determine what I needed to do to get back into the game.

So I wouldn’t be concerned either way, I’ve found the times where my senses didn’t seem to be as clear were really good for living life and being in the present moment.

Also Josephine Mcarthy claims that a diet high in nitric acid/oxide can essentially block the magical/spiritual senses and can be used if you are under attack because of how it operates in your system.

I believe it’s in vegetables like broccoli.

I’m inclined to believe there could be something to this as I inadvertently was exposed to high doses of nitric oxide between the first time my senses started taking off on their own when I was around 20 till now. In fact I forgot I’d ever had a previous interest for sometime so idk.

But if your diet is healthy, body and mind are healthy and you are experiencing a lull I’d consider it a normal growing point, or an opportunity to go back to the basics and exercise those skills.

A lull is often followed by massive breakthrough in my experience.