Navel VS Solar Plexus

Hello , I’m about to try to clear up the difference in the functionality of the two/three SEPERATE centers . The solar plexus chakra is an emotion driven chakra . It’s function is in Astral/Mental and astral sensing . It holds positive and negative emotions and emotional power . Yes , it is a center for energy work but not energy storage . The Navel Chakra is not the sexual chakra . The Navel Chakra is the actual , physical navel . It holds spiritual energy into and inside the body . It is also a emotion driven chakra , but more spiritual than that . It’s connected to the Etheric field of the body( as is the Muldhara) and controls the Muldhara and pulls energy from the top most ( Crown ) and Lowest (Perineal/Root) Chakras . This is the center where " Chi" is produced and held for use for the body and aura fields to utilize . Energize yourself , Meditate and power your working using your Navel Chakra aka Manipara .


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Interesting information. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Solar plexus is called Manipura. I have not come across Sanskrit name for naval chakra.

Modern systems recognize the solar plexus as the manipura , not recognizing the navel . Older systems( and in my opinion more accurate) , and systems that recognize more than 7 chakras see the manipura in the navel .