Nausea After Evocation of King Paimon

I’ve never felt this before. Made tributes and libations of purple wine, endraped my alter with purple cloth and even entrusted with chocolate ice cream with syrup but that’s not the point- there was certainly no offended presence nor (sarcasm afoot) nor dragons or camels- but he was there. I felt him. Almost immediately after the evocation I began to feel nauseous and did so for the remainder of the morning. Just wondering if anyone else has had similar experience after evocation


I’ve felt dizzy and light headed directly after working with the demonic kings. Sometimes nauseated or a feeling similar to a hang over the next day (normally I do full evocations at night)

I think it’s a matter of their, I guess i’ll call it spiritual pressure for now. The presences of the demonic kings are very potent and evoking them personally takes a lot out of me.

as for no camels or anything, The first time I called upon king Paimon he did the whole “show of force” thing, riding his camel and making his legions visible, a very awe-inspiring vision on how vivid it was. After that the other times He appeared more or less by himself for me.


I also feel nauseous after working with some spirits…though I have never summoned a demonic king

Its normal man. Not a big deal. Just like drinking, you put your body through something and there will be a load of factors such as your current sleep situation, nutrition, etc… Likely has no meaning to it. IMO. Some days I get dizzy other days I get filled with energy.

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Yes it was un-deniable. This is another topic of discussion but really I’m only able to do things early in the morning and I felt fine before but like I was saying the proverbial’s were absent but he was there- I felt it no question about it. After I felt nauseated and just wiped out- yes the hang over was an apt anology