Natal Chart

Do you guys know about your natal charts? I got mine done at a site and it’s really spot on. I wonder if any of you have similarities to me and also notice it in your personality and inherent nature.

My elements are:

47.8% Air
34.9% Water
11.2% Earth
6.2% Fire

And I got my Sun in Libra, Ascendant in Libra, Moon in Gemini, Venus in Scorpio, Mars in Leo, Mercury in Libra. The main three planets in my chart are Venus, Mercury and Neptune.

Star signs and ascendants aside, I think the elements and things like the position of Venus seem important to understanding your own psyche.


Care to share the site?

I did a free chart on some site ages ago. The lines in the center form a square, all the planets on the left side are directional while all the planets on the right are retrograde. It’s interesting but I suck at astrology so I couldn’t tell you anything about what it means lol

3 Likes They give free natal charts, all you got to do is put in your information. There’s no sign up either.


Well this site tells you what they mean. I got Mercury and Venus in retrograde.

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Well, a natal chart can be interesting.
Three planets in an air sign, one in a water sign, one in a fire sign, and five in an earth sign. A water sign ascendent.
The most important pieces seem to be the element triplicities, aspects between houses and planets, and the ascendent.
What can be an interesting tarot exercise can be creating your natal chart with them, and where they fall within a tree of life or death.
A deck like Duquettes ceremonial Magick deck can be interesting, when you add the court cards on the outside, and patching in the minor arcana. The minor arcana can be interesting in itself. Each of them in that deck have Goetic seals at the bottom, which can tell you who you might want to invoke or evoke, in the top it tells you what decan or degrees within the sign it falls on, as well as a truncated pyramid that you can scry with.
It also includes names of angels from the shemhamphoresh, zodiac angels. From The Shem Grimoire you can get their seals and work with them.
The biggest key to me is understanding the negative and positive aspects they convey between aspects and signs. With that, you know what you need to work on within yourself. A personal and spiritual alchemy process, not to annihilate bad aspects but to tame both, not to always be too negative or too positive, but to control those aspects and qualities.


Natal chart interpretation is a really complex thing to do. With not enough information, you can’t get a clear picture.
Let’s start just from your Sun, it could be in the 1st or in the 12th house, and that is very different…
I guess you unerstand.

Good luck


i have program i use, Astrolog. there is a free and it can do ALOT lol. the only limit regarding the various types of astrology is what the user know and can apply.

as to using the natal and transit charts i used them for timing with works of alchemy to create shifts in my self.


This is a very interesting topic for me because i recently started studying astrology and find it absolutely fascinating. Im thinking of using the information from the natal chart to sort of tuning my magick accordingly. Like using some of the planets that are strongly positioned to help the work, and figure out how to fix some of the less favorable aspects. For me reading my chart has been very enlightening and confirmed some of the things i already knew about myself. A persons entire life is in the birth chart down to the minor details.

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I was wondering if there is a good place to learn how to read the natal chart?

Mine says this:

Zodiac : Tropical
Sagittarius 13°57’
Capricorn 29°53’
Sagittarius 18°18’
Libra 29°38’
Gemini 26°24’ R
Aries 14°46’ R
Leo 2°32’ R
Scorpio 5°15’
Sagittarius 11°37’
Libra 11°18’
Aries 3°55’
Scorpio 21°44’

I am going to go look for myself as well. But a website would help if anyone knows of a reliable one please. I also have no idea when I was born as my birth certificate neglects to tell me. My mother and I are not on speaking terms and that will not be rectified in this lifetime.

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Astrotheme is a good website, but there are plenty. Unless we know what planet is in what sign that stuff doesn’t mean anything

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Well i went to the webpage you recommended o.o It didn’t give anymore information. Did i do it wrong?

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