Narcissist Ex


A person whom I was in a relationship did so many bad things. He even made damage to my professional life. And he is in the same university doing great. After all these things, he live happy. I’m still suffering from the things he did/told in the university. He made my professor involve in all this breakup thing. My professor and higher officials have a really bad image about now. For me, it’s hard to face all these. He was able to make my friends believe all those things. I want to do something to him. Some damage. I feel helpless. I tried some spells and everything. Even tried professional spellcasters. Still no use. And btw, I’m so sure that he is a narcissist. Other than forgive him kind of advice, do anyone have a better advice?


Sounds like your having a hard time letting go of attachment, which is one of the biggest reasons why rituals often come to nothing, don’t feel to bad about that as its happened to us all at one point or another, so.

This is what i recommend, its designed to bring out all the rage and pain inside you and use it as a weapon against your enemy.

It’s not a very pleasant ritual and can take hours to do depending on the amount of rage and hate you have built up but very powerful if you fully let yourself go with it. And of course if you do not want death to be the final outcome you are free to re-word it as you please so long as you make it clear when you give your final command what you want.

And after Forget you ever did the ritual, forget him, stop thinking about him, stop caring what happens to him, in fact don’t even speak his name out loud again and let the darkness claim him.


I see him most of the days, making it difficult to forget. And seems like I don’t have any magical power.

I highly doubt that, but you could try this.

I can verify that it actually in some cases can physically move people out of your presence.

Also you could consider vampirism to keep him away, there are some very informative threads about it here.


You can see him everyday and still forget him. Just because you see him, it doesn’t mean you have to then turn around and start thinking about him, etc. I can see my ex everyday at work or school, but that doesn’t mean I’m thinking about him or remembering the good/bad times together or anything. You control how you feel. You control what you think about. You control what you care about. Stop letting him control you. Narcs thrive on that.

…and you have all the magickal power in the world inside of you, you just have to dig deep to find it and use it.

Good luck.


Seeing as you are interested in Evocation based on your previous posts, perhaps working with Agares would be a good idea for you. He is a goetic spirit who can destroy dignities of another. There is nothing worse for a narcissist than being ignored or hated by others. Agares possibly could help you rebuild your own reputation as well, as many spirits who seem to be able to destroy something can also teach how to create it.


Absolutely true! I would also add public ridicule to that list. I fucking hate narcissists! I have a real bad history with them. Do the world a favor and fuck this guy up!


Just another approach here. Of course you can do all of the above in order to feel vindicated.

You can however turn it into something positive with even more good ramifications for you.

Do your best to outdo him in said university, in any way you can. Revenge fuelled ambition can be a positive thing if you let it, unless it takes over and consumes you. If you manage to control it, it will just give you joy from time to time.

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