NAP money ritual and entities

Hey all, good afternoon.
Was reading the NAP book and wanted to do some rituals here, the fact is:
I don’t know who are the entities i call upon, i don’t know what the words of power mean, i want to know that i don’t get them upset…can someone explain me that?

NAP is heavily simplified Kabbalistic magick. It calls upon angels and genius spirits.

Yea but, if i call upon them without knowing what they are , can they get upset?
I just want to be respectfull, and so not obbligate any spirit to work for me, but work with me.
thanks for your reply :slight_smile:

Hello,most of them are archangels,Nitika is an angel and jinn.The words which you vibrate are names of other spirits or they have some other meaning.Be calm and respectful.You can greet them when they arrive if you want to be a friend with them.When you finish just say thank you each of them and it will be fine.

I just told you what they are lol

No, they won’t get upset. NAP uses Hebrew words of power and godnames which give you the authority to call on them.

Did you tried?
i want to call upon Nikita.

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thanks :slight_smile:
will let you know how it goes.
Did you tried something in the NAP book?

Yes, I have used NAP.

Of course! Right now I am doing a couple of rituals: money,health,success in legal action and protection.I always do 7 days in a row! :slightly_smiling_face:

He is great and deliver fast! Draw him his sigil as an offering.

Did you had success in your past rituals?

I’ll search his sigil, but as offering i was thinking about some time with me, a cigarette, a thank you and a sigil if you say so :slight_smile: