NAP isn't working for me, what am I doing wrong?

Hi again, BALG. Here is the situation, it started a month ago. I have a co-worker, who apparently was interested in me. Gotta say I didn’t even use any magick on her. We got along well, I asked her out, she easily agreed and we had a nice walk together. But then something went wrong.

She suddenly became cold to me for no apparent reason and refused to meet again. When I tried to clarify the situation, she ignored my text. Since then all our communication has only been like “hello-goodbye”. I tried using NAP on her, did the following things:

  • Chant to excite love
  • Chant to rekindle interest
  • Chant to bring success

I had been doing this for about three weeks. Like a week ago I stopped this, since I couldn’t see any signs of success. Actually, I thought about giving up on her and trying to meet someone else. But it’s not that easy. I feel like I’m absolutely destroyed by this failure. This week the feeling has become much stronger than before. I’m even starting to have suicidal thoughts again, like two years ago.

So, what do you guys think is the best thing to do here? Going on with NAP until the situation changes? Trying some other spells? Or should I just let the situation go and let my magick work on its own?

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Cut your losses and move on (and in so doing you’ll have relinquished your desire for a result and it may manifest anyway :person_shrugging:). Surely there are other targets to exercise your magic on? Why get hung up on this one? It’s tunnel vision. Let go of the scarcity mindset.

Why though?
It’s ok to fail
But don’t wallow in that failure.

So it didn’t work here. Doesn’t mean it won’t work elsewhere.

Just my thoughts


I’m so very sorry. Truth is she more than likely changed her mind and didn’t find you compatible after your walk together. Sounds like she was nice enough not to ruin the evening but likely that is what happened. Not that there is anything wrong with you per se. Just didn’t click with her afterall.

Since you asked for advice, Do a general love spell to bring the best person to you and one to increase the love you have for yourself. Not on someone else.

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I think you should take a break, focus on yourself and make sure you’re good mentally before attempting to do any type of magick again.


Thank you for your response.

You see, love, relationship and dating is a really painful and difficult topic for me. Actually, I have never been in a romantic relationship. And I’m fucking 28, which makes letting go a bit difficult. No matter how hard I tried, the end has always been the same. I seriously feel like I’m cursed. This is the reason why I came to magick. I started doing this because of desperation, I see it as my last hope to find a partner. No fucking way I will be alone till the end of my days. Or, if I don’t get a partner even with magick, I’ll end my life myself, lol.

Well, that girl is great, I really like her. And I kinda believed in myself. I really started to think that someone can like me even without magick. Seems I was wrong.

Thanks for the reply.

Looks like I can’t click with anyone, lol. It wasn’t the first failure in my life. So, maybe I am myself is a failure. Useless pathetic worm.

Could you please give an example of such spell? I know there is a search function, but most love spells I’ve seen here so far are targeted. As for targeted love spells, I have some moral issues with them. On the one hand, I don’t want to break others free will and don’t want to harm people. On the other hand, nobody has ever given a shit about how I felt. Like I mentioned, I almost commited suicide two years ago. So, if others don’t care about me, why should I care about them? Gosh, this inner fight is driving me insane.


Thanks for the reply. I’ve been thinking about it myself. Feels like I’ve become obsessed with magick lately.

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An uncrossing ritual and taking time to focus on yourself would be my best advice. Sometimes things just don’t work out the way we want to, regardless of how much magic we throw at it. It sucks, but it is a reality.

And seek professional help if you need it in regards to the suicidal thoughts.


I feel like you’re poisoning yourself here.

You need to do a lot of internal work I think.

You’re gonna have to resolve these negative self evaluations and judgements at some point.


The ones to excite love and rekindle interest never worked for me either… i think. But then again i’ve never had much luck with love… sexual pleasure on the other hand seems to come way easier than love to me.
Nitika seems to work well, the ones for defense seem to work reasonably well… The ones for attack seem to work to some extent (maybe it would’ve worked better if i was trying to really hurt mofos instead of just wanting them to go away and stay away and not bother me).
Their chant to projection… it’s a bit odd. Never worked right away but then out of nowhere i’d out of nowhere start shaking like if i was naked in the snow even tho it wasn’t cold… which looking at it now it was probably the help i asked with projection and i didn’t realize.
I manged to project fully out of my body 2 or 3 times over the past couple of years… and usually very short. And i still not sure if those chants have anything to do with it. Suppose i’d give it a new try now that i understand the process a bit better and am capable of journeying reasonably easy.


And with that you will have trouble with women. We tap into that. Its like radar. Self esteem is sexy. Literally. Man how many men i dated before finding a good one. And i was 25.

Have you seen the movie Practical Magic. Where Sandra Bullock explains how she “conjured” her true love. Not lying its just like that. But you have to love yourself first. I gave my niece a love spell to bring a love in her life. But she was down on herself and i told her she needed to “fix” that as well. Two weeks in she found someone and is very happy. With these love spells you are not targeting anyone. You are asking for your perfect mate, your intended lover from the universe to be brought you so. Never ever a specific person. Is it easy. Hell no. But when you meet the person your meant to be with. All the work is worth it!!


Screw nap
Petition Zepar

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I ran into a situation similar to yours and with time I moved on. Learn from your mistakes (what went wrong on that walk for example).

You can continue to use your spells if you want but honestly it’s sometimes pointless.

Dude it takes time but you will eventually grow out of this. You should check out Aaron Doughty on YouTube. Especially his stuff on self image

Its not worth holding on to these morals frankly. You need to start taking what you want from the world instead of it taking what it wants from you. I don’t think you should give up on getting this girl, If you want her, take her. The world wasn’t there to comfort you or give you anything at the depths of your depression…so why concern yourself with being upright? The problem may be with your ability to perform magick in general, and not this specific case. Quick question…how often do you masturbate (and by masturbate…i mean masturbate to the point of ejaculation) to porn?


Thank you for responding guys, I appreciate that. I definitely have to think about all these things you’ve shared here and study them.

For now, I think I should focus more on some basic stuff like energy work, meditation, trance practice, etc. That doesn’t mean I stop doing evocations, of course. Oh, and how could I forget about my physical health? This needs some attention too. Even though I don’t really want to do that, I NEED to turn to myself and do some self-work, I see that clearly now. It’s a MUST. Still feeling immense pain and misery and maybe one day I’ll even end my life. But not in near future, this fucking world will not break me that easily.

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You’re right, but it’s not that easy for me to get rid of them. All this moral shit is deeply imprinted in my mind. It’s going to take some time and effort to overcome this.

Well, I’m a beginner and don’t have any big results yet. I can definitely feel spirits when I evoke them. When I perform evocations I ask the spirits to give me signs in my life that they can hear me. And I really get those signs. I even had some results with Sitri, got more attention from women for a while. I didn’t use the opportunities but this is another story. So, I think that’s not very bad for a man, who started his journey just like four months ago.

Oh man, here is the problem. Quite often actually, few times a week. I can abstain for like 7-10 days, but no more.

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id try to abstain for 4 - 5 days then try again. Its complicated, but sometimes if it is done too much, it can hamper your results

Maybe the story is not over yet. I managed to get some of her hair by accident. I’m still not sure if I’m going to undertake another love ritual on her or not, though. Well, at least I have a link now. Too bad I didn’t have it earlier.


what did you do ?