NAP and dreams

So since I’ve been doing NAP (a week or so) I’ve been having very vivid dreams

The first ones were all along the theme of being in rooms or new houses to me

I am using NAP to bring back my ex into my life and have seen small signs but no contact from him as yet

Then last night I woke up from a very vivid dream where I got back with my ex husband (WRONG EX) we were on our way in this dream to finalise the divorce and then at the last minute I persuaded him to not do it and we decided to move into a new home with other people who lived there too. I don’t want my ex husband back… I want my most recent ex!

Thoughts? Thanks in advance

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Whats NAP?

Also not to push my life onto you or whatever but I just decided to leave my ex in the past and things have been turning around great. I actually saw this just after talking about it with another magickal friend.

Make sure its what you want if you arent sure id say work on yourself and date around but i dont know your situation or anything.

You might wanna specify whoch ex for the NAP method (again i dunno what it is).

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NAP is new avatar power by Geoffrey Cobb Gray and I use his name in the rituals so very specific

I have given a lot of thought about wanting this ex and I’m certain I do

Just so strange getting such a vivid dream about my ex husband. I also previously sent the wrong initials and gave my ex husbands to a spell caster I used before deciding to try myself but I corrected it before they did any work. I definitely don’t want my ex husband back!!!


I’m certainly not one that understands dreams, or can “translate” and derive meanings from them but I have always had very vivid/lucid dreams. Now, when I started to practice magick in general and NAP in particular, I too noticed that my dreams (already clear and vivid) started to become even more so.

I don’t think it has anything to do with the NAP system in general, but the fact that I was actually more involved now in developing my senses. You mentioned that you have been doing the NAP rituals for about a week or so straight, and I think that constant/daily work is further developing your senses, your ability to “feel” things and it is likely also increasing your energy levels and ability to shape and manipulate your increased energies.

That’s one of the reasons that NAP has been so beneficial for me as it has guided me into a dedicated daily session where I meditate, visualize, improve on my energy workings and perform magickal spell works/rituals/invocations. This daily work is like going to the gym, it increases your ability to sense things, and to become more aware of everything around you…in the physical world as well as other plains of reality. Maybe that’s at least partially why your dreams have become more vivid.

Good luck in your endeavor’s!

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Your vision is about indecision and new beginnings. You want the stability of a relationship not with your former husband but with something new, you finalized your divorce with your old feelings and desires that this prior relationship had made and you are ready to start all over again with a new transformation and new relationship which you are still looking for and seeking.