So I read in EA’s newsletter about the importance of naming your enemies when going against them. I was wondering, if you don’t know the name of your enemy or only know something like an online alias, how effective would you say this would be? If the name is a complete unknown and you made some name up that you associated with the indevidual how effective would that be?

I think a username would be sufficient since you likely have some kind of mental image of them or at least some link to their personality through their posts, blogs etc. plus that name has significance to the user of that name as an alter ego if you will. If someone says “Hey WanderingFool, blah blah blah” I know they’re talking to me, so I identify with that name in one way of another. Hell Defectron we just finished up FWB, did you use screen names for the rituals? I did with exception of two workings so I’m fairly certain it works.

I’ve heard of people using generic terms like my enemy but have never tried working like that so I haven’t a clue. If you have a picture but no name that may work better than nothing at all. With the picture you could possibly try to project to them to build on or establish a link.

Yeah I used the usernames, I figured the entities involved would be able to put what needs to be done well enough from the information given. I suppose in most baneful magic cases that’d be the same though I dunno how well that would work with the example of met kalfu ea used in the news letter. So would everyone say that if a persons name is unknown for a magic working, substituting it with something meaningful for you at least should be good enough?

Names aren’t essential to human beings. They’re invented. They just exist in our thoughts about them. Just think of an obstacle in your life. You need to ‘name’ it. Well, that obstacle could be named a dozen different names in a dozen different languages. So which is the ‘true’ one? There isn’t one. Just ‘baptise’ the person with whatever name you choose for him. Then you have truly and literally named the person.

I think the act of naming is an act of Godhood, if you will. By you choosing to name something you take power and dominance over the things being named. Also it helps to be specific and personal with a name, let’s say I want to curse “that annoying fat bitch” well there are many annoying fat bitches on this planet so that’s vague. But, if I said I wanted to curse fluffycunt, you know exactly who I am speaking of, right? I was just using that as an example, I don’t want to curse anyone who I only know online. That seems petty and would be a waste of my fucking time. Lol

Absolutely. God fashions man in his own image and the first thing he has him do as a god is to name all things.

Here’s an idea: evoke your nameless enemy and bind him to a name.

Well one time I was thinking of trying to influence someone and wanted to know a name I could control them by. I was given the letter A which was the first letter of their username, now this person says their real name doesnt start with A, so I think thats a tip off, all you need is something meaningful to you.