Name based on zodiacal chart

Here is something that I have been doing.

In the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy by Agrippa, there is given a method to find out the Name of the Angel ruling over any particular moment. This is done by first casting the chart and placing the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet in the 360 degrees of the zodiac.

In his footnote Donald Tyson mentions a more elegant method, using 24 letters of the Roman alphabet (leaving out the J and the U as they are interchangeable with the I and the V)
He than proceeds by giving a number of methods to select the letters which are to form the Name.
To someone with little knowledge of astrological rules (like myself) these still are a bit puzzling.

So, I made one small change.

  1. Make the chart for the selected moment
  2. Starting in the ascendant, place the 24 Roman letters widdershins in the 360 degrees
  3. Use the 7 letters of the degrees that the 7 planets occupy, in the order of the invoking Unicursal Hexagram (Saturn, Venus, Mars, Luna, Jupiter, Mercury – and I than make a return to Saturn followed by Sol and closing off with a return to Luna)
  4. Treat this Name as an acronym (each letter represents a Latin word) Make the sentence relate to the goal and use it as a mantra

This can be used in every spell/ritual imaginable.
I intended to give some examples, but I would probably get remarks about the faults in the Latin grammar…

Give it a try