Name any books you can on the etheric anatomy

alright I’m not going to be on this computer but for a couple hours and I need to download as many resources as I can on these subjects. I have been working on working with my energetic body as well as how to use the energetic body of others. so books on psychic vampirism would fall into this category. particularly books on “social engineering” (I already have plenty of books on NLP which I’m working on implementing). I am looking to maximize the potential of my energetic body(something a spirit related to me, the goal of all ritual is to master your own spiritual body, thus mastering your external reality… paraphrasing but that is the gist of it). I also need books that go into how to utilize the cosmic web(that’s the term she used to describe it)… also books on qi gong and other forms of martial arts that utilize these subjects…
east or west, it doesn’t matter. I need to learn more about our etheric anatomy, though I would prefer things that went beyond the 7 basic chakras

Robert Bruce’s works provide an (allegedly) independent study and mapping of the energy body that is highly syncreatic with eastern systems.

Mantak Chia’s works are very respected for a Doaist perspective.

Books published by the Bihar school of Yoga, specifically “Kundalini Tantra” I would also recommend.

If you want to learn qi going I would find a teacher. Alot of the subtle movements are difficult to learn from a book.

I second Robert Bruce’s books as a good resource.