Name and Sigil of spirits

Hey Magi,

I have read many wiccan books. All of them referred to goddess as Moon Goddess. None mentioned her name or a sigil.
Whats her name and sigil??

I often read that Lucifer and other spirits fell as God exhiled them.
Who is this God? Whats his name? Does he have a sigil or something?

Thanks in advance.


there are plenty of moon Goddesses… though the first one might be the Moon herself? no?

who is God? what’s his name and so forth?..

YOU are God, You know your name, and as for the sigil , you only know :wink:

( people don’t get mad at me please)


Depends on the tradition. Lunar worship/magick pre-dates the point in time where sigils became a thing, so the various aspects of the moon are represented with symbols associated with certain deities et al. There really are not any traditional sigils for the moon.

Again, the same thing If you are referring to the God of the Hebrew texts then writing and speaking it’s name should be enough; the old school Hebrews would not even mention the name of YHWH out loud for fear of drawing it’s attention, as YHWH was considered almost demonic by those people. That’s one of the reasons there are so many godnames for it, such as Adonai (master). They are used in place of it’s name to avoid drawing it’s attention.

star and crescent
Well, this is a very good question. And to you Muslims out there, I’m sorry, but it’s time to reveal the truth about you guys actually worshipping the Moon! Also, when you all march around the Kabba (the Black Stone) in Mecca to drink from a Vagina shaped fountain embedded in it (Licking the pussy!).

NO Muslim will admit this although the Freemasons and Shriners have revealed this information in their ceremonies for centuries!

The point is the Moon Goddess sigil is the same as the symbol of Islam. Her name is (by Culture):

Diana or Artemis
Babylon = Semiramis, also known as Sin, Ishtar (Ashtare, Ostare, or Easter)
Egypt = Isis
Greek = Aphrodite
Roman = Venus

In the photos, you see where the Virgin Mary birth came from:

Semiramis/Sin/Ishtar gives birth to Tammuz (actually Nimrod)
Isis and Horus
Aphrodite and Eros
Venus and Eros

For the record, yes I consider myself a Christian. I have no problem revealing knowledge that contradicts my belief. My faith in Jesus Christ has NOT wavered.

I hope this more than answered your questions.

Please don’t flame me. Mature and polite discussuion please.